I don't think I like working with plastic very much....

So here is the wallety photo holder thing I'd been talking about yesterday.

I had been so excited about this project...everything about it seemed so perfect:
a) it uses hardly any material,
b) allows for the use of nice contrasting lining (a most appealing prospect in a project),
c) is vaguely useful (unlike so many of my ideas) and
d) seemed just all-round lovely.

However, I hadn't really thought very hard about working with plastic....these are the downsides:
a) gone are the nice little neat stitches...these were achievable on the top side, but not on the underside (does anyone have any suggestions???)
b) even though the plastic was covered by material on both sides it felt like it was ice-skating beneath the presser-foot
c) it is just so....crinkly! eugggh!

So anyway, I am most displeased by it...I still love the idea of it, love the materials together, but it was so horrible to construct that no satisfaction can be had, particularly when looking at those vile sloppy stitches (below right)....such a disappointment to a girl!

However, all is not lost because these things are good:
a) While doing this devil's work I thought of something else that I wanted to make that doesn't involve plastic (horay!!!)...but more of that later.
b) I don't believe I will ever tire of ironing on interfacing - it seems to instantly transform the material into looking spookily like a 'finished' item without even having sewn a stitch or it resembling anything other than a square of fabric

So, does anyone have any great ideas for what can be made from fat quarters or preferably smaller scraps?


  1. I know what you mean about plastic! It is horrid to work with! I am loving log cabins for small pieces of fabric. Have you seen Mellys latest scrappy cabin stuff? Have enjoyed reading your blog and looking forward to checking out your new project idea!


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