Making plans....and cupcakes

So, at the moment I'm thinking about two different projects - the first is a photo holder wallety type thing...I went on a supplies mission yesterday morning and am planning to start on that this evening, although am yet to find out how sewing machines cope with going through plastic - can't work out if I need a really sharp needle point or a really blunt one to avoid ending up with a continuous ripped line of perforated dots?

The other project is more of a long-term, time-consuming one - I've been thinking about appliquéing a fairground carousel, but am thinking it may be best to get the actual horses printed on to the material and appliqué everything else around my animals rarely resemble the intended beast, and also I like the idea of having lots of different mediums.

In the meantime we have been making fairy cakes with these gorgeous cupcake cases (below)...I didn't really want the actual cakes - as I knew I'd end up helping eat them - but was desperate to use these holders, so we had a baking session on Friday morning with Zebra-Girl, Dinosaur-Boy & my sister, Laura, and took some around to a friend's house in the afternoon. Somehow, between constant chatter, making little heart shapes out of foil to pour the hundreds and thousands into, much child-assisted mixing, followed by hungry scraping of the empty bowl, this simple activity took us over two hours!!!....