Mousling siblings...

Yesterday I'd talked about the little 'mousey in a bed' pattern that Molly Chicken had posted on her blog here (second post down) - I had become quite besotted with them and so decided to put everything else on one side tonight and make some immediately. I am now even more besotted for now having seen them in the the flesh (or should that be in the mousey felt?) and I have put them next to Zebra-Girl & Dinosaur-Boy's cereal bowls ready for them to find in the morning.

Each one seems to come out with a slightly different facial expression and as there are endless possibilities for embellishments on the duvets , or even the addition of some whiskers, I can't see myself tiring of making them and so may end up making a whole extended family if they are well-received at breakfast time.

I haven't really attempted any children's toys before, but after reading about a book called Sock & Glove by Miyako Kanamori on Fred's World I went to Waterstones and had a quick look through...and gosh you can do some amazing things with a sock! The fun I've had with the mice has made me think that it may not be an entirely ridiculous addition to my bookshelf.

My husband once made Zebra-Girl a sock dog from an old black sock with the addition of paper eyes, nose and mouth stuck on with some glue - it amused us for hours (it's face was strangely soulful and so whenever Ian made him converse with us he did seem very real and full of canine personality), but the creations in Sock & Glove make poor old sock dog look like the sock that he was...
Anyway, a huge thank you to Molly Chicken for the fantastic pattern.


  1. i recognize that mouse : )

    i think i like the one in the spotty felt bed with the little cute flower on it the best. am also really impressed with the bits you've made for your daughters bedroom, it looks like a lovely little girls palace!

  2. oops, meant to say the 'pink' one in the spotty bed : )


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