My first post!

Still trying to get to grips with how this all works, so thought I'd start off by putting a photo up of the dress and handbag that Zebra-Girl (age five) made with me for her bear a couple of weeks ago. All made of felt to avoid having to do too many hems, but she did all the machining herself and became quite expert at controlling the speed. The only problem came whenever I was trying to re-thread the needle and she would absent-mindedly let her foot slip back onto the peddle!
She then decided to make a handbag for bear too and was adamant that it must be a red velvet strap. It kept her amused for hours and I was utterly delighted that she seemed to have caught the crafting bug like me....but strangely, since then she never wants bear to actually wear the dress and seemed to take far more pleasure in the creation of it than the displaying of it is now at the bottom of her toy box, but I will always remember making it with her, dressed in our pyjamas until lunchtime on a very rainy Sunday morning. I saw some new felts that had spots and patterns on them in the local fabric shop, so intend to buy some to see if I can tempt her into thinking of something else she might like to make.