Lots of storage pockets!

So anyway, on to some of the projects that I've been amusing myself with: a couple of weeks ago I decided that, in the absence of a bedside table, Zebra Girl ought to have somewhere to store her books and drinks in reach of her bed...so set to work making a valance with some little pockets so that she could store her things in it. I only intended to do two pockets, but it was so much fun that it ended up being a far bigger project than I'd intended. I found some enormous patterned buttons in our local fabric shop and had fun working them into some of the pictures (the centre of the flower and the cherry on the fairy cake).

In retrospect some interfacing on the pockets may have been a good idea to help them stand up a bit more...but it's too late for that now, so am trying not to think about it and instead have sewn tiny velcro tabs on to the backs of the house and the cake to stop their tops from drooping down.


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