A visit to Donna's beautiful house...

Yesterday we went over to visit my friend Donna and her two girls in their lovely house, where we found her up to her middle in laundry after returning from holiday the day before...although this barely seemed to impinge on our day, as unlike me, Donna is fantastic at compartmentalising and leaving jobs while there are people around. Donna's house is one of the most interesting I've ever been to - it mixes utter chaos and disorder with beautiful details sprinkled in amongst it all.

Above is a picture of the village that she has painted onto her fireplace surround...this is one of my favourite things ever to look at - I always spot new things in it each time I see it - this time it was a couple seen kissing through an open window and a pair of trousers hanging on a washing line that I recognise as belonging to her little girl (pictured left)....it also fulfils my childhood love of all things housey and spending time choosing where I'd like to live and who might live in the surrounding houses - looking at pictures of houseboats is another favourite for the same reason.

Nothing is ever too colourful for Donna....and we have spent hours looking over paint charts together, despite having very different tastes - she is solely responsible for me having any colour at all in my own home and we tease each other horribly about how my idea of being adventurous with colour is to paint my front door a soft muted acorn green, while hers would be to paint it with rainbow stripes in bright primary colours.

In the kitchen is a giant mural of a cockerel painted straight on to the wall and beneath it is this printer's drawer (below) which she has sprayed gold and filled with tiny things; drawings, dolls house foods, and seashells.

I also love these cups that she has on her kitchen window sill.

So I seem to have spent this entire post telling you about Donna's house...and there's so much more to tell, but as I'm about to take the children swimming I seem to have run out of time!