Little tiny bits of loveliness...

Today these lovely buttons arrived in the post for the children - a gift from my sister, Laura. Last time she came to visit, Zebra-Girl and Dinosaur-Boy had been sorting through my button box and admiring all the different varieties. They were happy doing this for a while, but ultimately, Zebra-Girl didn't want to just look at them; she wanted to possess them! (I can understand that, as I'm guilty of feeling that way about fabrics and buttons too). With nearly every button she picked up came the request of: Mummy, can I keep this one, can I have it in my bedroom forever? And while I really wanted to give her some to keep, nearly every one that she picked up I found myself unable to part with, just in case it would be the button that would be essential to the completion of one of my sewing projects, only to find that it was lost forever in the jumble of the children's possessions. So my dear sister eventually quietened them by promising to go to a wonderful button shop near to her house in London as soon as she returned there, and then to post them some to arrive on Monday morning. Zebra-Girl will be so pleased with them when she arrives home from school.

Here are Dinosaur-Boy's buttons - he was so delighted with them that I was unable to prise them from his hot little hand for long enough to photograph them - so he grudgingly agreed to display them on his palm. Laura picked them with a sky theme in mind - either their colour or something that goes in the sky...

And here are some more little bits of loveliness - this time given to the children by their grandmother. She found them on the beach - they are shells worn incredibly smooth by the sea, but their ridges and lines are still just there - so lovely and tactile.

I would love somewhere, maybe an old chest - full of tiny drawers, to keep all these little things that we have around our house...I find the idea of them being separated from one another or lost amongst the other toys so upsetting.

I am achy and tired today - at the weekend Ian & I went dragon boat racing to raise money for charity. Our team went as 1980s was a good day and the racing was exhilarating with the drumming and the chanted counts of our strokes, but gosh it was freezing and wet!

Unable to think of someone more specific, I went as an 80s backing singer...this involved pink legwarmers, some leggings and a short denim skirt as well as the electric blue eyeshadow, streaks of blusher and back-combed hair that is visible in my photo. Ian went as Slash from Guns 'n Roses. We were very soggy for most of the day after the first race...!


  1. I wish I had a sister to buy me buttons!!! :)
    I did the same with my granny's button box, and cleared her out of all the nice ones over time!

  2. Hi, first time here and I'm enjoying reading your posts.

    There's just something about buttons, isn't there? I've been on the lookout for a button tin every time I go to a charity shop or car boot sale. Haven't found any yet, so I may have to resort to ebay.
    Those buttons your sister sent are lovely. I vaguely remember a button shop in London (I used to live there), was it in Covent Garden, or am I getting it mixed up with the bead shop?


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