Brown suiting + velvet + apple-green lining =

.....the ingredients for my new autumn bag....


  1. Hey! Cute bag and I LOVE the velvet ribbon. I haven't tried piping yet - I'm too scared. lol

    I use the folding method of bag handles. For example - I take a 6" wide, long strip of fabric then fold it long-ways in half and press. Then, open the fabric and fold the edges in to meet the pressed fold - press each side. Then fold it again on the original fold and press again. Then I sew close to the "open" edge - then down the other edge.

    Does that make sense? It's WAY easier than trying to turn a tube because, yes, I used to do it that way too.

  2. OOps, I commented on the wrong post. What a nerd.

    Anyway - meant to add that the final strip would end up being 1.5" wide if you started with a 6" strip.


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