Squeals of sewing delight!!!

Today I have very, very dark circles beneath my eyes, but much sewing satisfaction, for I have ventured into the world of bag making and found it to be good! It started with an autumnal crispness in the air and then the sighting of some brown suiting material - a combination which made the need for a new bag to celebrate the new season quite irresistible. I have been admiring Amy Butler's Frenchy Bag for some time (along with all her other bags), but due to my impatience, and my desire to possess the said bag NOW, I felt that I couldn't possibly wait for a pattern to arrive and so set about attempting to create something similar...it lacks the lovely little tucks that her bag has, and I think that I may have made mine quite a bit smaller, but overall I'm happy with the shape of it.

I had bought the velvet ribbon intending to sew it straight on flat, but just before I sat down to sew, I visited U-handbag to see whether there were any tips (and gosh, what an incredible amount there are!) and stumbled across a tutorial on piping...and it then seemed like making the velvet ribbon into some piping was the only way to go - which was relatively easy, but what an utter nightmare it was to put in - particularly as the ribbon wasn't very deep so there wasn't much seam allowance on the finished piping (Lisa had warned against this predicament in the tutorial, but for some reason I'd foolishly chosen to overlook that bit after deciding that no other ribbon was going to be quite the right colour). However, once I'd actually done it I could barely contain my excitement (which involved shaking Ian awake at 11.30pm to share the joy...he was so happy, well, sort of). After I'd finally managed to turn the bag handles the right way out after sewing them up (am I missing a trick or should it really take nearly half an hour to turn a long sewn tube the right way out?) and put the piping in I was then able to put in my lining which I'd ironed a really light weight interfacing onto.

So here's me and Dinosaur-Boy this morning with my new bag....unfortunately I had to edit my entire head out of the picture, as although Zebra-Girl is a super photographer, due to her being shorter than me, most pictures result in a most unflattering double-chin effect that I don't wish to share with others (I MUST remember to squat for all photos to prevent this kind of trauma from reoccurring! Just thinking about it makes me want to do facial exercises...)

Earlier in the week I saw rows of bags all lined up on someone's blog that they were making for a fair (so sorry, I can't remember whose it was, which is a shame as they looked so lovely!).....which were not only beautiful, but also completely impressive in terms of quantity....after my own bag-making experience I am mystified as to how many hours it takes the experienced bag maker to make a bag - because it took me hours and hours and hours!!!!


  1. I'm not surprised you're squealling - it's gorgeous. And the blood sweat and tears of the piping was totally worth it.

    I'm new to your lovely blog, but loving it.

  2. I love the bag! Enjoy it. I may have to try piping ... though it may be a little too complicated for my blood.

  3. That's a really lovely bag - well done!!!!

  4. Beautiful bag! Such skill and precision with the piping :) and I love the green. and yes - it can take that long to turn a handle inside out. I think I bought a loop turner a while back but I haven't had a chance to use it yet, so can't say if it helps.

    The bags were at Pink Lemonade's blog btw - she amazes me with her sewing machine mastery.

  5. beautiful bag, looks so well made : )

    i have been making bags this week too, one done, one to finish.

  6. I can't see any 3D calendar making happening!! but I can see you've been busy making your-self a fabulous bag, well done it looks brilliant! I've had Amy Butlers nappy bag cut out for at least a year now I think, I really must find time to sew it up!

  7. Your bag is gorgeous!!!! What a great achievement - it is stunning......now here comes the experienced handle turning tip!! What you do is sew one of the ends closed as well so you only have one end/edge open. Then you get a pen or chopstick or anything long and thin and you dint in the sewn end. Place the tool in the dinted end and then push the closed end in and out through the open end. This would take all of about 1 minute!!! Then you just trim the closed end that you have sewn shut to make it a flat end again. Simple!!! and very effective. But your bag is worth all the turning work you put into it!!! =)

  8. Thank you for such lovely, lovely comments and also such great tips on how to make things easier for any future bag-making adventures!


  9. Lovely bag - great colour combinations.


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