A thank you to the hens...

...for today I have used a whopping 26 of their finest eggs! This week is always a bit of a hectic one for us as we have three birthdays in our family, in the space of six days, plus Zebra-Girl's actual party...and the baking and present-buying that surrounds those days, while always lovely, is also exhausting. By the time these babies had come out of the oven I felt like I wanted to go to bed for a week and I hadn't even started decorating them at that point (or re-making and baking the two cakes at the back of the picture that I decided weren't up to scratch).

A while ago I wrote about making a heart stencil out of tin foil to pour Hundreds & Thousands into ....however, my sister (yes, bestower of wonderful gifts again!) has since sourced some tiny metal heart cutters which are just perfect for doing that very thing.

I love cupcake holders...particularly the shape around the edges....so here's a picture (I'm short on words today...too tired...and lots of dots to signify that I have lost the ability to finish a sentence)!

So...the main cakes are still to decorate...but the cupcakes are now finished. Ian brought home a Photoshop trial for me to play with the other day and after a mere five minutes of messing around with it I can tell it's going to become an addiction. Here is a picture of my finished cupcakes that I have just Photoshopped!

I love this - it reminds me of the drawings in old-fashioned children's books.

...now back to Cakeland....my short break is over....


  1. yummo - your cakes look so lovely!!! We have just been pigging out on some too, but we took the lazy option of buying them! Your icing looks so perfect and smooth - you have some secret, dont you???!!

  2. wow that's a lot of eggs ! Fox has had some of our chickens this week, so I wouldn't be able to make all those cakes even if I needed too !

    Your cupcakes look divine ~ Julia x

  3. Wow! That looks like a lot of work, but the cakes are beautiful! What fun.

  4. yum yum. I wish I was having a birthday this week!!! :)

  5. Oh those cakes look just gorgeous! Cupcakes really are the cutest thing.
    You are so lucky to have such a great source of eggs. I grew up on fresh eggs and the supermarket ones (even the free range) just don't cut it, do they?


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