All out of grains...

Mission completed. The final doorstops are now finished. I ended up changing my pattern to the pyramid type so that I could get more out of the material...and what a stroke of genius that was, for they take but half the time!...if only the same could be said for filling them.

Filling them seemed to take forever, and involved sending Ian out to the garage several times to get more of the rice that I'd been stockpiling...but still there wasn't enough, so out he went again to assurances that there was definitely more out there...he just wasn't looking in the right places...mmm, then I realised I'd used that on the obese 4kg doorstop I'd made last week...oops. Sorry Ian. Anyway, so determined was I to finish them that I started breaking into our own grain reserves, which thankfully are not kept in the garage...a little more rice to be had there, and then onto the lentils...I drew the line at using pasta shells..., but the doorstops are now done....and I'm now dreaming of a project involving matryoshka dolls....


  1. The pyramid door stops are great, they should sell really well. Jane's book is a lot like reading her blog, very inspirational. It kept me amused on holiday for quite a few days dipping in and out, although it wasn't quite what I thought it would be.

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