Disco doorknobs and the quest for brevity...

I am largely incapable of typing short posts...or come to that short anything (the husband of a very dear friend prints off her emails for her to read while she's feeding her baby...and I've been told that he has taken to doing a word-count to see whether I'm ever able to come in under 500 words! - he is very lovely, despite his cheek, so he is forgiven). I could claim this is they symptom of being able to touch-type very quickly...but actually I think it is some kind of awful affliction that it would be nice to eventually find a cure for...there are times when brevity seems a covetable quality indeed!).

Anyway, the reason for me wishing to type a short post is that I have had a largely unproductive week sewing-wise as I have been avoiding my sewing box as I feel that until I've finished making the doorstops, that are one of my contributions to Zebra-girl's school Christmas Fair stall, I shouldn't allow myself to do any other sewing...so on that basis I have done nothing at all and felt quite miserable!

So tonight, I am permitting myself five more minutes of procrastination by typing this post and then I am going to force myself to finish them, even if it means staying up all night, so that I can get back to sewing something other than rice-filled sacks. I do actually love making doorstops...just not lots of them....all in beige.....when I've got other things that I'd rather be making. Subsequently, I am craving an injection of colour, which is most unusual for me (having once been pronounced to be the Queen of Cream)...which is perhaps why today I took such huge pleasure from the little rainbows that our doorknobs were throwing all over the living room...


  1. I had to make 13 baking bags today, it was so boring. I now have to start the rather large pile of lavender hearts that are sitting waiting for me on my sewing desk (62 in total), all I know is that when I finish them I can get on with some nice stuff!

    Happy sewing this evening

    Vanessa x

  2. I hope you got them finished. It's so difficult to sew something that you can't put your heart and soul into - not that you can't do it, but it just seems so much more difficult and it's more tiresome if things don't go right.

    Here's to selfish sewing!

  3. Hi Florence,
    My posts are always long.. i am incapable of shortening them..even my comments are often embarrassingly long. I love the style and feel of your blog so please don't shortenen them .. it just wouldn't be you!
    On the doorknob front... i have no doorknobs and are excited by yours so to speak. I have coveted recycled glass knobs which could go in my kitchen but it's on the main doors i need them.. the kitchen cupboards are cool with their wooden ones.. i do like your twinkling effect though.
    See... long comment.. can't help myself..
    Hope you have a good halloween/samhain/all souls, however you celebrate.. i have a devil and a witch awaiting their friends for party fun.
    Enjoy your evening.


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