The elves and the shoemaker get it wrong!

At the weekend we went to see my friend's gorgeous new baby boy, Oscar, in their almost as gorgeous, new house. Amongst other things, we took some blue booties that I had made for him using the same Heather Bailey pattern that I'd used when making the pink pair that I'd blogged a while ago. The pattern says 0-3 months and while I was making them my main thought was how long he'd have to wait until he could wear them - they just look so big for newborn feet. I finished them at about 11pm the night before we went to see them and I had a weird urge to put them together with the pink ones I'd previously made, as there is just something so very lovely and 'elves and shoemaker' about seeing little shoes lined up nicely. The next morning Zebra-Girl came into our room and obviously had a similar appreciation for such things as they reminded her of the story too.

However, unfortunately this particular shoe-maker had not taken into account the fact that Oscar's father is 6ft 4...and so consequently he has slightly larger feet than the average newborn (although they still looked absolutely tiny!)...and there was no way that he was going to be able to squeeze his lovely little feet into them, despite valiant efforts from his mum!

So unless the elves get to work overnight and surprise me, I shall be making another, larger, pair at some point this week.


  1. These are soooooo cute :)

  2. Beautiful little shoes. Why are things sooo much cuter when they're mini?


  3. My best friend has a gorgeous new house, a very tall husband and a new baby boy called Oscar - and tomorrow I'm going to visit!!!! Spooky coincidence methinks! (and those shoes are lovely!)


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