Half-term happiness

Today was the first day of our half-term and with friends not arriving until 4pm for tea, we had almost the whole day ahead of us with no plans....so we stayed in our pyjamas....until 1.30pm!!!!! I so love the change of pace that half-term brings and usually like at least one relaxed day like this in every holiday. However, I may have to give this up as Zebra-girl revealed that actually getting dressed so late made her feel 'all lazy and eugggggggggghhhhh'....oh, so that was just me that was enjoying the extended bed-wear time then.

Once up and dressed she started making this lovely star with her Hama beads. After about half an hour she enlisted me and Dinosaur-boy as her helpers and we diligently sorted the required colours into piles for her so that she could put them on to the peg board more quickly. Zebra-girl gave us such frequent praise and encouragement that it made me think how lovely she would be to work for, should she end up being someone's boss. I was very nervous that I might drop all her careful work as I took it over to be ironed, but thankfully got it there and off the peg-board in one piece. I love her choice of colours.


  1. I love not getting dressed until late. Me & my daughter had a duvet day today, and then made a quick trip to Dunhelm Mill to restock.

    Hope you have a good Half term week.

  2. Hi Florence,
    Hama beads are great fun... once the girls made lots and hung them on cotton thread to give in their 'party bags'. Also we had a bowl of beads on the table when my parents came over for tea one day. They both spent ages making their own creations... My dad's was fantastic, as is Zebra girls!
    I love being slouchy.. so do my girls.
    Have a great half term.
    ps i may get to put a post up soon..been a bit busy... thanks for your lovely comment. x

  3. I always bump the damn things on the way to the ironing board. But we do love 'em (almost as much as loafing in our PJs).

  4. I have never got the hang of Hama beads - too clumsy and I always stand on a toy and trip over :(

    But staying in PJs all day - now that I can do!!!! :)


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