Chilly good fun

Look at these gorgeous red leaves...they seemed to be everywhere today!...and we very nearly didn't get to see them as the idea of staying warm and cosy in the house was horribly tempting now it's so wintry and cold (every year I forget just how cold the cold really feels!)....but after a slow start we went to a National Trust property with Grandmama and all had such chilly good fun! Here's a picture of her and Dinosaur-boy peeping at me!

There were so many interesting trees to look at and it became rather an obsession to find places on them that Zebra-girl's Fifi characters could live if we brought them back with us next summer (I didn't like to suggest that she may have grown out of Fifi by then!). The best find of the day was this little tree pool, that when Zebra-girl found it had just a couple of red leaves floating in it.

...then they filled it up.....

then emptied it back out again....

....that game could have gone on forever!

Our walk centred around this lake:

and on it we saw this gorgeous fluffy signet.

The sight of this bare tree made me feel very cold indeed and we realised that as it was nearly 3pm it might be an idea to go and get some lunch! We found a fantastic place that served delicious freshly cooked bread and an amazing Roquefort soup drizzled with truffle oil. Yum. The children had innocent smoothies with their lunch and we took a photograph of one of the packets as it looked spookily like granddad! When Ian looked through our photos once we were home it reminded him of something else other than granddad and he went to the Innocent website and there was a message there for me saying that he had bought me a tree! All you have to do is buy a carton of Innocent smoothie and they plant a tree for you to give as a gift to someone - what a nice idea!

Anyway, it seems like life has been blissfully free of doorstops for at least a day or two...can you guess what my next post may hold?!


  1. Lovely things you have here - just found your blog through two hippos. The tree pool is great, what a find!

  2. Hello! I'm the illustrator who drew the face on the Innocent Drinks carton which looks 'spookily like granddad'- I can assure you that I didn't spy on your family to draw it but it tickles me that there was a similarity. All the best, Ed Grace


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