Sunday, 21 October 2007

More doorstops....

Above is another of the doorstops that I've made for Zebra-girl's school craft stall...I'm not sure the photo quite conveys how vast this doorstop is, but it took 4kg of rice to fill it and when I look at it, it makes me think that I may have unwittingly pioneered the first genetically modified doorstop. However, the fabric, while beautiful, was a nightmare to work with as it had so much give in it and was very unravelly, so I'm not even going to think about reducing it's girth...I will just have to hope that someone has an incredibly weighty and large fire door that they need propping open!

We have had a lovely weekend with trips to swing parks, marathon games of pick-up sticks, indoor cricket, children's parties and today some friends from London visiting for the day. Out on a walk we spotted this table outside someone's house, a quick chat with the owner and it was theirs for nothing, so the men took turns carrying it home and had the ingenious idea of putting Dinosaur-boy's soft squashy rugby ball on top of their heads, so that the table wouldn't cause any skull indentations (!). Part way home we came across a wonderful (and brand-new!) wall cabinet in someone's front garden...a knock on the front door (and the subsequent delight of realising that the householder was actually the mother of a good friend) revealed that, that too was unwanted and free to our friends' good home...

Once back at our house, we gave it a rub down with some sandpaper and then put on coats of Danish Finishing Oil in between rounds of tea and biscuits and some exciting chat about bag-making projects (girls, not boys)...a couple of hours later and we were all standing around deciding which our favourite bits of wood grain were (which reminded me of those Fred cards where they all point to their favourite bit on the wall) and were quite delighted with how gorgeous it now was...followed by a moment of uncertainty when we realised that it may not fit in their car, but a few worrying cracking noises later and it was in and they were on their way back to London.

It's half-term this week, so I'm looking forward to having a relaxing week at home with the children, but am feeling slightly less enthusiastic about the prospect of evenings rustling up yet more doorstops...

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