A most unexpected end to the indecision....

Yesterday I went into my local fabric shop and was pondering the upholstery and curtain weight fabrics...I wanted to make another door stop for the living room, but at £20+ per metre I felt completely overwhelmed and indecisive....BUT THEN...I happened to see that they had huge boxes full of materials that they'd carefully packaged up into colour groups with insanely low prices labelled on them. This in itself was a galloping heart moment, but even more so when the lovely sales assistant agreed to open one of the packages so that I could see what kind of sizes the fabrics pieces were. Some of them are huge, enough to make 4 doorstops out of, let alone just the one that I needed! Others were tiny, but will be fantastic for adding little details to things.

So all of the above for £8.50!!!! (my guess is that there's nearly £100 of material there) And also this one below:

Orange has never really been a colour that I've been drawn to, but I think that regular reading of the How About Orange... blog is beginning to change that and so I was unexpectedly quite delighted by it.

So why were my local fabric shop doing this? Apparently they were offcuts from the workroom floor. However, all of them are unblemished and lovely, so I am considering going for second inspection of their wares (on Ian's encouragement), as I think I may regret it later if I don't....

Now I just have to decide which one of these would make the best doorstop to go with the colours in my living room...there is much standing around the rug having stroky beard moments in our house now (despite a complete lack of facial hair in both parties!)


  1. Thank you for the addition of the phrase 'stroky beard moment' to my lexicon!!

    But I don't know which the best one for your doorstop would be either. Best go back to the shop - perhaps the perfect fabric is still waiting for you there.

  2. So pleased to assist!

    Yes indeed, back to the shop it is!!!


  3. I like the blue (R/hand pic) but agree that probably go back to the shop, just in case ;)

  4. Was your local fabric shop Fabricland by any chance? I saw some of the fabrics you've got in there recently. Love the deep pink floral-ly one.

  5. Oh I'm so jealous! I like the blue too, but then I like blue, so I'm biased.

  6. No, not fabricland - but I like the sound of that...

    Yes, I was really pleased with the deep pink one as I've already got some of that, so it was one that I would have bought anyway.

  7. What a great find! I love days like that.

  8. Gotta LOVE bargains!!!!! I would go with the blue for your door stop - but that is just me! Make sure you do go back and check out the rest!! never let fabric a bargain slip by!


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