A new addition to the family...

I think I wrote a while ago that Ian had commented on how lovely it must be to go into a fabric shop and know that if the beauty of a particular fat quarter made your heart sing, you could just go ahead and buy it right then, as long as you had £2.50 in your purse. He said this in relation to how very different it is for him when he goes into a guitar shop...they're all there lined up on the walls, but mostly the ones that make his heart sing are quite out of reach, at least without a good few years of saving first. Anyway...last Saturday the children were staying at my parents so we headed up to London for breakfast...a pain au chocolat and a coffee or two, and then we wandered over to Denmark Street...which is pretty much for guitars, what Berwick street is for fabric shops. (I realise it does sound like I gadd off to London at the drop of a hat with three trips up in as many weeks - this is completely unrepresentative though and has come as quite a surprise, albeit a happy one)

His mission was a vintage one, in that it's been burning in him for the last decade and that the guitar he had in mind would be pre-1940s....two hours later and in the last shop we went to he found it. Beautiful wood, an interesting history and a sound that seemed alive...he was in love. And I realised how similar we are - he appreciated the combination of woods in the same way I'd appreciate combining a beautiful velvet ribbon with a contrasting piece of material. Some heavily figured Brazilian Rosewood on the bridge, worn Mahogany on the neck...he has spent hours since Saturday admiring the way they compliment one another.

Anyway...what a response I had to my boots mission! But it has finally come to an end, or will do once the postman arrives. The Camper boots were gorgeous...but not quite right for me - wellies should be wellies and boots should be boots in my book! I already have my dream boots - a 3-year old Christmas present from LK Bennett that are brown suede with a lovely crepe wedge heel that keeps the easily-ruined suede out of harms way, but I needed a black pair! And guess what?...I found their black identical twins on EBay!!! A size 36, brand new, and mine for £35!!! What have they been doing unworn in someone's wardrobe for the last three years, I wonder? - maybe their previous owner has had a boot crisis similar to my own...demonstrating that one woman's perfect boot is another woman's wellington. Anyway, the minute they are here I shall be attempting to contort myself into strange positions in order to photograph them whilst on my legs!

I have been sewing like a loon...and am making hefty inroads into the long list of Christmas presents that I am making...more on that when I've devised a way of sharing them here whist still keeping them secret from the intended recipients (who also read my blog).


  1. it must be a bloke thing, my other half has a small collection of guitars too, oh and vintage cameras, and motorbikes and.....!

    i'm lucky on the making present front, most of the recipients are far to young for any internet activities other than maybe the cbeebies website.

    : )

  2. Ah the boots. The boots.

    Nice that he picked up a guitar he really wanted. It's just as satisfying watching someone else getting something they really love isn't it?

  3. The LK Bennett boots sound fab, much better than wellies any day!


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