My boots have landed...and not a sausage in sight

Normal crafty/sewing activities will soon be resumed, but first I want to share with you a picture (or two) of my new boots that arrived yesterday, following the surprising (and completely lovely) amount of interest and support I have had during my on-going boot crisis.

I am very happy, for they go in at the ankle (so no sausage legs...well, apart from what's naturally there resembling sausages, but there's little I can do about that...or maybe that's called eating less chocolate, but where's the fun in that!?), they don't bag at the top (so no wellington accusations) and they even add nearly 1.5 inches of free height (although I then feel so tall that I develop a slight stoop to compensate as I'm so unused to that sensation that I feel very conspicuous... weird given that my new height is only just above 5ft2')!!!

How only see in a photo that the doormat needs straightening!

Anyway, I have been up nearly every night until midnight for nearly two weeks frantically sewing Christmas presents (why?'s still so far away!), so tonight I'm having a night off. I spent half an hour this afternoon having a look at some new blogs (well, new to me anyway) and am feeling inspired by all the owl-themed things that seem to be around at the moment (I'd never been to Moon Stitches before...but I love it!) and then more owly inspiration at Creative Little Daisy and again at Lucy Kate Crafts. I also came across London Mummy who has the most fantastic blog and makes beautiful stuffed houses (and more recently a church, which is amazing) description of them does them a disservice as a 'stuffed house' sounds a little odd, so do go and have a look yourself as they are wonderful!


  1. hey, nice boots : )

    i have had similar problems finding boots to fit, i'm 5ft 2", with tiny feet too. in fact, the boots i have that are the best fit came from boden.

    thanks for the link, i love moonstitches blog and loved that owl banner!. owls rule : )

  2. Hi Florence,
    Am so glad boot trauma is over and those lovely boots are yours!

  3. Fab boots! I love the owls over at moonstitches, especially the bunting.

  4. Hey, fab n groovy boots ! I love them.

  5. Nice boots, and not a sausage in sight!!! I made the Moonstitches owl garland last week, owls are so cool (especially the way they can spin their heads all the way round!)


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