Seasonal inappropriateness...

...well that's what it seemed like to have a profile picture of me on here giggling away in white summer clothing with some parched green grass in the I have changed it to something more in keeping with the current climes! This idea makes Ian laugh, but I'm convinced that others find these things irksome too (not specifically my summer garb...but other things like that in their own lives!).

A while ago I asked Ian if he would make me a pink RSS feed button, as I found the orange one seemed to ruin the pinkness of my blog. To much head-shaking, guffawing and snorts of derision he created one for me claiming that I must be the only person in the world to need their RSS button colour co-ordinating (and he's a web-designer....I can't believe his clients are so well-behaved!)....but then I started to look around...and found that actually, I wasn't so loopy after all, as I have spotted others who have chosen to ditch the orangeness and at some point must have had to humiliate themselves by requesting that their rss button be made to match their hair colour or some other piece of frivolousness (okay, I haven't seen anything to demonstrate that particular example, but you get my point?)...and that's what I love about looking at other peoples crafting blogs...sometimes I'll notice a little thing that someone has done to their blog that ties it all together, and of course even more so on something they've made, and I find it so pleasing that there are others who find this pedanticness (is that a word?) runs through their character when it comes to anything touched by aesthetics.

As a nod to the ridiculous superficiality of this post I present you with a belated picture of our Halloween pink. Enjoy.


  1. Lovely new picture, although I liked the laughing one :) It seems perfectly normal to transform orange things into pink things if that's what you want - otherwise we'd all be the same, and that would be terrible.

  2. Oo nice Jack'o'lantern - Doesn't seem very english tho! I'm sure you had much fun carving it!

    Didn't get around to carving ours this year but i was going to take the drill to it. next year!


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