Thoughts on Cash's name tags and other things

These hearts are the last thing that I will make for Zebra-girl's Christmas it's nearly upon us. They were really quick to run up as it was not my fabric there was none of the usual humming and harring (sp!?) about what material to use, again, not my labels and I was even given the pattern that I should's amazing how much of the time spent making something is taken up by indecision and playing with the fabrics and pattern....but then that's a large part of the fun, but just occasionally it's nice not to have to think.

If only I had known last year how easy it is to sew a Cash's name tag on with a machine! When Zebra Girl started in Reception I was such an eager beaver that I even sewed name tags into each individual sock by hand! It took hours and allowed much time for unhealthy brooding and apprehension....a year on and I have to confess that on occasion, when in an extreme rush, I have resorted to using a (whisper it) Biro! Oh, how quickly standards have slipped! I feel quite ashamed of that: there is something about having Cash's name tags sewn in to children's clothing that says 'cared for'...I must go back to doing this, not least so that Zebra-girl & Dinosaur-boy will find them as nostalgic and lovely as I do once they are grown...

The mirror that I have displayed a couple of the hearts on was a gift from my lovely father...he guiltily scours boot fairs at first light during the summer months and on one particularly fine 'booting' day bought me this for me for only 50 pence! ('Guiltily' because my mother disapproves and, increasingly, because his study is starting to resemble a boot fair itself as this is the only place he is now permitted to deposit his haul). I love my mirror though.


  1. Those hearts are so cute!
    My daughter has just started nursery school so I've had the pleasure of sewing in those cash's name tags. They do look lovely all handstitched into place, but I'm not sure whether this enthusiasm will last once I have to label sports kits and all the extra paraphenalia they have to take!

  2. those are very lovely hearts. I also hand stitched all of my daughter's name tapes on when she started school. Now she's in year 4 (oh, so grown up) she's LUCKY if she gets anything with her name on, in biro or otherwise ;)

  3. The hearts with messages are so cute! I too hand sewed on name tapes (still do now) but its only the odd item at a time, but have in the past used glue that is washable to save time! Good luck with the fair!

  4. pretty mirror - your dad sounds lovely!

    I now do iron on nametapes, but am slightly disappointed in myself I must say ;-)


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