Walking the dog...

At the weekend we went to stay with Ian's parents. When Ian and his sister were little his father had made, from Meccano pieces, a mechanical dog that would chase them, delighting Ian, but scaring his poor little sister. (I remember myself, aged 3, having the same reaction to a large walking doll...that once set on it's path by our neighbour's older daughter, careered towards me with glazed eyes as I screamed and found myself backed into a corner). I wonder if we were less used to moving toys then...because Grandpa had recreated a slightly higher-tech version of his mechanical dog for our children's visit this weekend and Zebra-girl and Dinosaur-boy looked on with glee, rather than fear. Zebra-girl even picked it up as it's tail continued to wag and it's legs continued to grind fruitlessly forward in mid-air.

How clever to be able to make all it's wiring and gears though....he is the sort of man who takes whole television sets apart and then remakes them just for fun.

On the sewing-front we are not too far off finishing making things for the Christmas Fair, and I am also eagerly awaiting the Royal Mail van each day which should be carrying fabric from the States for me, so that I can continue with making my family's Christmas presents. So many ideas...so desperate to discuss them...perhaps I need to set up a secret Christmas blog!


  1. I live with one of those guys too - when he was about six he took out all the seats in his parents car because he found the right size spanner for the nuts...

    Ooo fabric from the abroads! Very exciting! (You will show us won't you?)

  2. that is a super cool car

  3. What a fabulous grandpa! I have always been a little nervous about ordering fabric from the states, mainly due to the duty. You must give us a peek when it arrives!

  4. That dog would scare the hell out of me too!!!!


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