Thursday, 13 December 2007

And the winner is....

Unfortunately Zebra-girl isn't particularly fond of wearing her winter hat and couldn't be persuaded to wrap up sensibly at all this morning. The upside of that is that the hat is here for a daytime draw! Dinosaur boy was reticent to do this quickly, and the draw ended up taking over quarter of an hour with all his troublesome antics. First he peered in and thought about it for a while....then he shook the hat...for a long time (as though he were mixing a winning cake)

And just when I thought he might declare that his cake was ready, he put it on his head instead...

After some re-mixing he was finally persuaded to pick out a winner...

And here she is: Ali...of the Domestic Ali variety, I believe.

Do send me an email with your address, Ali, and I will try and get it in the post very soon!

For anyone who wants to buy one of the chalky pens themselves I think you may be able to get them here. They seem to be missing the picture of it from the website, but I'm fairly sure it's the same thing. Unfortunately my local sewing shop where I buy them from don't do mail order.

Thank you to so many of the lurkers and newcomers for coming out of their hiding places - it has been lovely to meet you and to discover some lovely new blogs to read!

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