Something of a one-trick-pony....

Yes, it may seem well seem as though I have inadvertently republished an old post or dug out old photos and given them the Photoshop treatment to make them look new and interesting, but no, it's actually that I have temporarily become something of a one-trick pony and am just remaking the same things over and over!

After the positive reception the Mousey-in-a-beds got in my own house, I have made some up for Zebra-girl and Dinosaur-boy to give to some of their friends as Christmas presents (there were more, but those were given out before I could photograph them). It took me a whole week to get around to completing this batch and sewing the flowers and hearts onto the bottoms of their duvet covers, as I have been dipping in and out of projects trying to get all my other Christmas presents finished.

And, yes, it's another'd think I'd get bored, but actually I love this fabric and I have enjoyed perfecting the design each time I've re-made one. It is now a smaller, neater shape with a more compact handle too. And this one only devours 1.25kg of rice...a modest reduction, but one that leaves my children with something to eat in the coming days. This doorstop is a present for a friend who we will be visiting tomorrow.

The Christmas holidays have now started for us and Zebra-girl was let out of school early yesterday. We celebrated with a candle-lit tea party on the playroom floor and the fun later reached a pinnacle when I allowed them REAL water in their pretend kitchen...yes, I am appalled myself that I don't permit them to do this all the time...but I find the wood, carpet, and what feels like the entire house, getting drenched too upsetting to do this on a daily (or even monthly) basis and as a result their imaginations have been forced to flourish as they have learnt to make excellent 'swooshing' noises in the absence of the real thing coming out of their pretend tap. I'm sure I'll pay for this control-freakery in counselling bills in years to come...


  1. Nonsense - it will be a useful skill in later years. My sister is renowned for making gurgling sounds to imitate the production of filter coffee while spooning instant coffee and flicking the kettle switch.

    Sweet little mice - lucky school friends - it is just the sort of thing that gets treasured.

  2. I love the little mice in there beds! Brilliant small gift and the apron you made for your grandmother is lovely. Have a fabulous Christmas!

  3. Hi Florence - thanks for dropping by my blog, it seems like we have a lot in common! Especially that I was planning to make 2 mice tonight for stocking fillers because the ones I made a while back were a huge hit!

  4. My daughter loved to make "potions" in the pretend sink of her play kitchen. I so wish I had kept it for my little boys . . .


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