Be gone, awful name!

Pictured above is the latest addition to the Flossie Teacake house...she was very kindly bought for me by my dear Papa. For the last couple of years I (and I have found out more recently, my sister and mother too) have been looking for an antique hessian-covered mannequin, but unfortunately I am just too oddly sized to come across one that vaguely replicates my height and I finally decided (when making the kimonos at Christmas...for it was so irritating trying to pin the whole thing together whilst dangling shapelessly from a hanger on our picture rail) to invest in a new one where you can alter the dimensions of the body in about 12 different places. We now have our shoulders in the same place and a vaguely similar sized rib cage and waist...the hips and bottom area look a little odd, but actually when I dressed it in one of my dresses (which felt a bit weird...sort of pervy!) it fit really well and looked oddly just like me (only I have a head, thank goodness).

So everything is fantastic...I have fabric waiting in the cupboard just waiting to be turned into a dress, the children have a new plaything (yesterday she could be found wearing a cat mask, plastic across-the-body bag and a shawl...Dinosaur-boy has a touch of the Galliano's, I think)....but one thing is not quite right...for she is officially named Lady Valet (and after missing the delivery man I had to suffer the embarrassment of having to go and pick her up from a neighbour with her name emblazoned over the box and a picture of her posed next to a stuffy table-clothed round mahogany trestle table!). I think this is quite the most ghastly name I've ever heard (I feel I can say this safe in the knowledge that there are almost certainly no real-life Lady Valet's reading my blog at the moment) she needs renaming immediately. The children have helpfully suggested 'Lady Without-a-Head'...and my mother continued in this vein and put forward Lady Anne (as in Boleyn...because I believe she ended up without a head too)...but I'd really like something that reflects better the character which I believe she may actually have, which is this: I think she is probably quite a chaste creature; sensible and reliable, but one who is also something of an eccentric and who will sit primly, but silently enjoying, the various different garments that may be draped over her.

So here are the possibilities: Lady Penelope who historically did some clever weaving, and even unweaving, in order to stay faithful to Odysseus (full story here...this one is a suggestion from my sister, Laura...yes, rather like the naming of a new baby, I have involved the whole family!). I am fond of Miss Celeste myself, for no other reason than I think it suits her. Other favourites include Miss Guinevere/Genevieve, Mademoiselle Hartnell, Lady Christabel, and finally Miss Elveclue (this last one was independently suggested by both my mother and sister, she is something of a folklore figure in our imaginary character created by my sister when she was about 2 or 3 years old; she would often regale my parents with wild tales of what Miss Elveclue got up to...most notably weeing in her own dinner!).

Anyway, have you any suggestions?...I would so appreciate help with finding the perfect name, for I feel that working around something named 'Lady Valet' is sure to stifle any possible creativity or fun (or is this just me who thinks this is awful?). I need something that suits her so well that I can eradicate this from memory once and for all!

And I must say how very touched I was by all your happy anniversary wishes! Thank you so much! x


  1. When Anne Boleyn was suggested because of the headlessness, it made me think of all of Henry VIII's wives who were (in this order): Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.
    I like the Lady Anne idea. Or Lady Ichabod.

  2. I live in a house full of boys where Lady Penelope is an extremely stylish and very capable Thunderbird! Miss Guinevere is nice ... or Gwenhwyfar for a different spelling.

  3. Ooooh I like her very much!! The ones I have seen are usually hideous colours like burgundy - blahh! She is so classy and elegant! How about Primrose or Prudence, and I too like Penelope! I look forward to seeing some gorgeous clothes!!

  4. Maybe she is just a little embarrassed at being "uncovered". If she really does get one of those oh-so-elegant names, perhaps she could wear a shawl? (smile)

  5. Oh I am jealous! Look! all green around the gills!

    I like the idea of Miss Celeste, since there's the suggestion of something missing - a body drifting along without a head, and therefore being without direction or self propulsion. Probably a good thing.

    Although she looks as if she might curtsey, which I'm finding disconcerting.

    I wouldn't go for Miss Elveclue, since the description of her character doesn't match. It did make me think of Anne Elliot from Persuasion though, so from there I extrapolate Lady Wentworth, given the speculation of the Captain being made a baronet in the future.

    This is possibly a step too far.

  6. Very cute story. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear what you end up calling her.

  7. How brilliant I'd love one! I like Lady Penelope , what are you going to make first?

  8. She looks like a Felicity to me.

  9. For some reason I look at it and say 'Madame Charmaine" (as in charming). I must get help.


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