Mmmmm, babies!

Just typing the word 'baby' makes me feel inexplicably excited! It is such a very lovely word and, for me, instantly conjures up thoughts of pinkness, tiny noses, mouths that go into that wonderful little triangle-shape when sleeping, and the smell of clean washing. So how very excited I was when eight months ago one of my very oldest and dearest friends rang to tell me that she was pregnant and would be having a BABY!....and ever since I have been thinking about what I might make for her when she arrives.

Well, little Ella Grace is finally here, and from the photos looks to be one of the most beautiful babies imaginable (even without my natural bias toward her!). So, as soon as it was confirmed that she was of the girly variety I brought out all my pinkest materials. First I made her this little fleece comforter with tags on (above)...I remember both my babies loved fiddling with labels and there's something quite lovely about being able to use all your favourite ribbons at once....there is so rarely a sewing opportunity for it that wouldn't render itself utterly bonkers in doing so!

Back in September I'd seen this bib and also this bib on the House on Hill Road blog...Erin said she couldn't stop making them and I could instantly see why; they provide the opportunity to combine lots of lovely fabrics in a small space and I love the quilted effect of her bibs. Usually I only use other people's ideas for inspiration....but unfortunately I'd so fallen in love with Erin's design, that every time I thought of a way to make it a little different, it just didn't look quite as it's ended up...sort of identical! Sorry, Erin! The shape of the bib is based on one of Dinosaur-boy's old bibs from Baby Gap that had helpfully been kept (for posterity due to it not having become permanently impregnated with sweet potato purees) was a rare lovely one that only came out when we were likely to been seen in public (or visiting the Queen)...unfortunately our not-for-public-bibs had short lives and healthy appetites!

The little red strawberry is from the Cath Kidston shop and can be hung up somewhere to bounce up and down. I bought that for Ella before she was born...which is worrying as I'm not sure it could ever have been considered to be boysy...but I persuaded myself otherwise as I loved it so much.

Anyway, welcome little Ella, and hugest cuddles to my dear friend who is such a lovely mummy to her.

And gosh, I'd nearly forgotten to say Happy New Year! I hope you all had lovely evenings. I'm sure Zebra-girl felt that she had gone one better than Cinderella, for we spent the evening with our lovely friends Lesley & Paul and their children...and no-one saw their bed until 1.30am!!! Zebra-girl's eyes were as large as saucers at the very idea of what time it was and not a yawn in sight! Dinosaur-boy had a power nap in his pram and woke up at ten to midnight to join the fun. At twelve we went out into the street and watched the thrilling (and slightly terrifying) display of fireworks that Lesley & Paul's neighbour puts on annually in his front garden wearing only a miner's lamp and sheepskin jacket for protection. It was the perfect start to what will hopefully be a wonderful new year!


  1. ahhh what a nice little baby care package. Love the embroidery on the bib!

  2. such lovely gifts! so special to receive handmade goodies.

    wishing you + your loved ones a very happy year ahead...i just found your blog + will be back for sure : )

  3. Wishing you a wonderful new year Florence. Those baby presents are so cute.

  4. You are so talented! What lovely baby gifts; your friend is so lucky.

  5. Orrrrr........ how sweet!
    Happy new year.
    Sarah x

  6. So cute! I really love it!


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