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First huge thanks to the lovely Lina for nominating me for the Amazing Blogger Award...the recipient of which has to detail seven weird things about's taken me a while to get round to doing this as I couldn't actually think of any, so I asked Ian to come up with some instead that I could then elaborate on...the first 6 are his...the last is just my own odd thought that I thought I'd share with you, failing Ian being able to come up with a seventh weird thing about me ("You're just not that weird"...oh the relief!). But really weirdness is so subjective...Ian thinks these things are weird about me, but maybe you all do them too! (Do let me know!)

1. I am terrified of driving, but especially going on motorways. I force myself to drive, and so have got substantially more confident in the last year...but I secretly wish that we could go back to using horses & carriage...or just all agree to use bicycles...because I’m even too scared of using those when I have to share the road with a car. My two most feared vehicles are any American looking lorry (after watching Dual) and any lorry bearing an alcoholic drinks logo on the side...I have a completely unfounded and irrational fear that the driver is more likely to be drunk. Hmmm.

2. I can fold myself in half (or at least I used to be able to do it completely's more that I can fold myself into some sort of triangle now!). This involves getting into the Lotus position (much better than just sitting cross-legged as it secures your legs more tightly into a smaller space) and then rolling backwards so that your knees are on the floor to either side of your head (this is the bit that I now seem to be less capable of doing!). Years ago after three months in a job that I loved, my boss said to me as an opening line in my appraisal: ‘Well, Flossie, why should we keep you then?’. A quick ‘folding demonstration’ on the boardroom floor and the job was mine to keep....even though my job description required no gymnastic ability whatsoever. (Other than my two bosses at that job and my sister and mother still, no one ever actually calls me Flossie...and I’m pleased about that.)

3. When it comes to playing friendly sport with Ian I have inherited my father’s awful hyper-competitive streak. I would risk knocking small children’s heads off in my desire to hoof the ball past Ian when we play ‘penalties’ in the back garden during the summer. In every other way I am the least competitive person I know.

4. I can turn myself off when I’m being tickled. A moment or two doing what feels like distancing my mind from my body and I am no longer ticklish. Ian thinks this is the kind of quality that one might share with a psychopath. Oh dear.

5. I have been vegetarian since I was four years old. Near the bus shelter where my mother and I used to wait for the bus to take us into town there was an abattoir and to pass the time I would watch the comings and goings of the snorting, clucking and mooing vehicles that arrived...she made the big mistake of telling me what the snorts were and what their final destination was. Within a year the rest of our family stopped eating meat too, which in 1982 was something of a rarity (particularly when our extended family were farmers). Ian became vegetarian within months of us meeting...which I always find really embarrassing as I would never try to convert anyone and feel incredibly uncomfortable if anyone tries to have ‘the vegetarian debate’ with me. I shy away from having conflicting views with others as it makes me feel anxious.

6. I’m incredibly inpatient when it comes to completing any sort of housey project and tiredness, or lack of materials, is not an acceptable excuse for leaving a task half-finished to be returned to at a later date – unfortunately for Ian he doesn’t share my need to get things done RIGHT NOW. Last year we decided to lower the level of one of the long flower beds in the front garden – this involved shovelling the most incredible amount of earth onto the driveway and then planting all the new plants that I’d chosen and laying a couple of old stepping stones so that the children could hop through the flower bed easily. At 10.30 at night we were still out there, in complete darkness trying to move all the earth round to the back of the house, plant the plants with some vague nod to a colour scheme and do it all so quietly that the neighbours wouldn’t be disturbed by our late-night horticulture. At 11pm when we finally realised that the wheelie bin that we’d just had the brainwave of putting much of the earth into said: ‘no soil’ on the lid...well, we both sat down in the flowerbed in absolute hysterics, suddenly very aware that this nocturnal gardening was not necessarily suddenly felt as though every curtain in the street may have been twitching at the view of our complete ridiculousness.

7. When I was younger I was in my parent’s house alone making my tea. I put a potato onto the work surface ready to scrub and it rolled off and then bounced onto the floor in such a peculiarly jaunty way that it made me laugh out loud....I then realised that my own laughter ringing out into a space where I am completely alone feels like the strangest thing on earth. It’s different if it’s prompted by reading a book, listening to the radio or remembering something funny that happened....but creating your own incidental comedy and then laughing at it...that just feels weird to me.

Anyway, weirdnesses revealed I do hope that you still want to be my friend! I think that I am now to nominate others for this award (although I've no idea who has had it or not, so I'll just do it on the basis of who I think are wonderful and lovely bloggers...but will limit myself to five, otherwise I could just go on all day. If they care to participate, the Amazing Blogger award will be handed over to:

Helen from Angharad, Jo from Today we are..., Ginny from The Flour Loft, Kelly from Notes From My Nest and Alice from The Magpie Files.


  1. The photo of you folded in half is amazing! How do you do that? Great to read such fun things about you and congrats on the blog award.

  2. The folding in half thing made me laugh out loud. Does it come in handy at all apart from at job appraisals?!!!

  3. Laughing at your gardening antics, too funny! I can talk myself out of being ticklish too, it really annoys my kids :-)

  4. Hi there,
    I just found your blog and I have to say I love it:0)
    It certainly helps that there are lots of snippets of Ol' Blighty for me to see but you writing is great too.see my longings for all things English here

    Anyhoo,looking forward to reading more

  5. Wow,I just discovered your blog & love it!You are so talented.I totally love everything you made,but I'll have to spend more time later looking through your archives to see what other beauties are hiding.I really love looking at your pictures,so please keep sharing them.Oh,I also love that pic of you & Ian when you were 18 & 19....soooo cute!!!!Renee

  6. Just popped over from linaloo and am absolutely gobsmacked by you in half! That is amazing! WoW!
    Now i'll go and see what else you're about? Will I find you folded into a 1/4 later?!

  7. the gardening in the dark sounds fun, and I'm very impressed by your flexibility !

  8. Congratulations, Florence, on your bloggy award. I'm impressed that you have been a vegetarian so long!

  9. That's a competitive, lorry hating vegetarian psychopath with gymnastic ability and a reluctance to create her own comedy then? Well i still want to be your friend! Thank you for the blogger award.. i have never done a tag before... and i also feel that i am very normal with no weirdness although i once had a job where they said i was on 'planet ginny'. Maybe if i had folded myself in half they may have thought i was normal! Very impressed with that.. i used to be very bendy too but not sure if i would attempt that now. It may take me a time to work out my weird things.. i think i will ask my man too.
    I am so like you with no. 3
    Ps i like your trousers.

  10. Hi! Seems my original comment got lost in the ether!
    Thanks for the nomination - I have got straight to work on it and am now wondering whether I should have given away just how weird I am.
    I can do that folding in half thing too, but somehow when I do it it looks really ungainly whereas you look like a yoga expert!

  11. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog....I'm glad you introduced have some amazing talent. Love everything you have going on over here! Greetings from California~ Laurie

  12. You have one amazing way with words! What a good read! I got all giggly again and again. I love the yoga picture! I used to be really flexible too but not so much anymore... And my son can also do the turning off being ticklish thing.

  13. Thank you for thinking of me - very flattering. I am afraid that I really can't compete on the yoga thing. I can touch my toes - does that count?

  14. not so weird :-) i love the laughing out loud thing....

  15. I love your writing style! You're very authentic, which is important to me and I'm sure most of your readership.

    Laughing out loud at ones own thoughts is sometimes weird, but it's what lets us know that we still hold wonder and whimsy inside of us.

    Have a fantastic day!


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