And now for some frivolity...

Firstly, thank you so, so much for all your lovely, thoughtful, kind and thought-provoking comments on my last (rather serious) post. They were really very much appreciated. It was meant to be a happy sort of post...but I think it was sadder than I'd realised when I'd first press the 'publish post' button. Which is why I thought there would be little wrong with throwing in a dash of frivolity now and showing you the spoils from when I found myself being suctioned into French Connection as I attempted to walk past it a couple of days ago.

I normally avoid sales...they make me feel sordid...but as all the new clothes are finally in store and with only one small sale rail left at the back of the shop, it finally felt safe to see what was left, without any self-accusations of having got caught up in a red-misted clothing scrum! I'd tried this dress on a very long time ago and fallen in love with it, but at £90 couldn't justify buying something so imagine my surprise when I found its lone sparkly silver form on the rail, in my size, for the bargain price of £25!!! It has so many lovely details - tiny buttons at the back, lovely flarey arms and a divine 'special dress smell' which seems to be caught on the smells of nothing that I can pin down...but if the excitement you feel when getting dressed for a special night out could be bottled, I think they may have spilt some of that scent over this dress - horay!

Okay, so it definitely shouldn't be worn with the bare legs pictured above (or for that matter with that hideous carpet in the background...there is still so much to do in order to complete the total transformation to cream...perhaps it would be afforded sooner, rather than later, if I hadn't gone shopping - oops!)...I had been imagining pairing it with some neutral tights with a sparkly sheen to them and maybe a pair of Mary-Janes to finish off. Can you tell that I am rather in love with this dress?

So imagine my surprise (again!...too much surprise in one day, perhaps) when Ian declared that it was baggy and shapeless and that far from thinking it was rather foxy....he thought it looked frumpy! I do normally take heed of his sartorial advice, but on this occasion I've decided to ignore it, as I am telling myself he is just not 'getting it'. This dress is meant to be ethereal, not some kind of strumpet-getup!!!!

And then there was this grey knee-length cardigan...which I also love (and so does Ian - yay!) and was also too much of a bargain not to leave behind. Oh dear.

And finally Ian brought home these lovely marshmallow bunnies for me last night as a just-because sort of gift. He so loves playing Father Christmas...and I love hearing him opening the front door in the evening and listening to him rustling down the hallway every now and then with his bags!


  1. Florence,
    How fun! I love these treasures.
    You look splendid in them! Have fun, Laurie~

  2. New clothes - lucky you! I love the marshmallow bunnies, does that mean we should start thinking about Easter?

  3. Ooh - love the dress! I am a hopeless sales shopper too - get irritable after I've waded through 2 rails.

    Frivolity is much under-rated.

  4. The dress is very cute, will look fab with a pair of mary-janes!

  5. pink marshmallow bunnies, what a lovely gift!

  6. Marshmallow bunnies... what a sweet husband you have.. but you know that! even if he doesn't like the dress. My man is always so honest too.. he doesn't believe in saying he likes something if he doesn't .. i never learn as i still ask his opinion. I think you look fab anyway and i love your description of how it makes you feel. Happy weekend to you and your family .. ooh and i hope you don't mind but i have tagged you... details on my blog x

  7. I hate shopping - but Warren loves it. He drags me kicking and screaming into shops to try things on, and I get very very grumpy!

  8. love frivolity
    love the dress
    I read somewhere recently about someone who likes to dress sweet rather than sexy - something men don't get as much as us sometimes. That is one really sweet dress...
    you have lovely wrists btw (hope that doesn't make me sound weird - I just like wrists, always have done)

  9. Cute dress, and love the pink marshmallow bunnies! K has just made scrummy Chicken curry for tonight - so it should be nicely melded (of course an official cooking term lol) by the time we eat it tonight. I am posting my renovation picks today - so come by and have a look at MY creamy loveliness! I know YOU will appreciate it

  10. lovely things! especially the marshmallows bunnies!

  11. Aw, it's lovely to be in love...

    I'm totally with you on the dress and Mary Janes.dawoggly

  12. I agree that sales can be frustrating, but it's so worth it when you find treasures like these. I love that dress.

    I want to go shopping

  13. Gotta love shopping!!! And even more, gotta love bargain finds!! I would be equally as thrilled - that dress is divine and looks stunning on you!! ignore the frumpy remarks, I think it is exceedinly flattering and gorgeous and I dont think you could possibly ever look frumpy with that figure!! (jealousy - yes!!!) Enjoy your new purchases a LOT!!!

  14. This is just a beautiful blog. Z'ebra girl and dinasaur boy'has really made me laugh. I love the wee purse you made with her and I would love to see the pyjamas when they are made. Just discovered you today and think I'll dd you to my list. Take care.


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