Lack of time and award time...

There simply isn't enough time. Finally, after nearly a month of suffering from Sewer's Block, I am full of ideas: I have a burning desire to sit in front of my sewing machine for hours on end, I have beautiful fabrics stacked in a pile wanting to be given a purpose in life (thank you, Mama, they are wonderful!), but somehow my time to do these things has shrunk! Over the last couple of months I have been forcing myself to drive to try and build up my confidence...but then I realised that a small amount of confidence was gained with many sacrifices: lack of walking left me feeling rather flumpy and untoned; one of the children made a comment that suggested that they felt their skin wasn't adequate protection against the elements (an idea which appalls me); all the lovely changes in front-gardens are missed when speeding past them at 25 miles per hour (mmm, I didn't get that confident then); and in the afternoons my little Dinosaur-boy would be bad-tempered and crabby because he hadn't had a chance to race down the road pretending to be a coal-tender. And then there's our carbon footprint to think about... So we are back to pavement-pounding again, but in doing this I lose an hour from the time that I would normally have at home to do my sewing - by the time I'm home it leaves just over two hours before I need to leave to go and collect him...barely enough time to thread up one's machine, let alone enjoy procrastinating over fabric combinations, no?

Anyway, enough of my transport dilemmas. I have been very kindly nominated for two awards!

A 'You Make My Day Award' from the Lovely Louise of Lulu Lolly Legs - Louise regularly makes my day too; her blog is funny, inspiring and full of beautiful pictures and her wonderful tendency for occasional 'sticky-beaking', as she calls it, has meant that I've got to know her better...making me think that curiosity should be much encouraged.

Annie B from Over Milkwood...had awarded me the ArteyPico award for being creative and inspiring! What a huge compliment - thank you. I love reading Annie's blog, which itself is creative and inspiring...not least because it is the home of this wonderful hat that I can't get out of my head! If my hair had looked so flicky and wonderful under such a divine woolen creation, had I been able to find a way, I would have had large pictures of it projected onto London monuments...yet instead Annie chose to put the hat over a dinner plate. I love this lunacy, and yes, if you didn't see it the first time the hat still looked good even after its spell in the crockery cupboard.

So now I have some award-giving to do, which is always a delight. I am limiting myself to three nominations per category, but allowing myself long speeches to accompany the award giving.

The Making My Day Award goes to:

Alice of Raspberry goodness - her posts so often have me howling with laughter, while wanting to give her a large well as regularly leaving me drooling over her lovely linen-work...eugh, sorry Alice, you really don't want a hug from one who is slobbering, do you?!

Lisa of U-handblog loveliness - the wonderful bag-making alone would be enough to make my day, but she is also an inspiring non-shoulder-padded ethical businesswoman and her Craft Boom posts are full to bursting with the most wonderful tips to help others succeed in setting up their own small businesses...if only they can find the courage! And she's lovely, which is the most important bit.

And Jo from Today We Are....Delightful (my own variation on her blog title), because I'm always so happy to see one of her posts waiting in my bloglines. And because I feel we worry, procrastinate and delight over similar things...which is a great comfort. And she makes me laugh a lot.

On the ArteyPico front (award pictured left) - which is given for creativity and inspiration:

Jo from French Knots for the wonderfully English feel that she has to her blog, the lovely things that she makes and because so often her posts inspire me and make me think.

Lina of Linaloo because I love hearing about her days, looking at her fabrics and seeing the lovely things that she makes with them.

Bec from The Small Stuff because she makes the most fantastic clothes and bags and uses fabric combinations that I adore...and has a very eccentric method of naming her wonderful bags, that I don't understand, but that makes me laugh (the most recent was called Saucepan Man Bag).

I'd also like to award Blogger the You Make My Day award because after an entire month, spellcheck is finally working again and I can't tell you how much it had been troubling me to be posting up potentially mis-spelt thoughts!


  1. Oh bless you! That's nice - thank you :)

    What a top pile of fabric - shame about the driving so you'll never get to use them ;) Currently I'm doing everything I can to avoid getting into the car at all, and really wish someone would just drive into it in the middle of the night and right it off. Then I'd get the insurance and never have to drive it again. How excellent that would be.

  2. Hi Florence,
    My evening got better thanks but i am still up.. bad me. I so understand grabbing those moments to create and yes also being tempted to use the car to allow oneself that little bit more time. The first few years of our business was snatching 2 hours each morning whilst the little ones were at playschool and as you say working through and choosing the colour combinations and design can often take that long. We spent most of our time choosing fabrics then bringing them home to sew in the evenings. I suggest allocating more time than you need for each stage then if you achieve more then that will be an added bonus. Great to hear you are feeling really creative.. me too!

  3. Brilliant Florence as I hadn't read some of those blogs before. xx

  4. Oh meant to say why not drive them to school but walk home? That way you'll get an extra half hour - this from a mum of masses!!! xx

  5. thanks for your lovely comments about my's not the first time I've been accused of lunacy...and probably won't be the last...
    great blog award choices - some I know and love and would give an award to myself, some I'd never seen before so am off to explore now...

  6. Lovely fabrics!
    Congrats on your well-deserved awards too! I was going to nominate you for the ArteyPico one too, but realised AnnieB had already done so.
    I hope you manage to carve out a bit of sewing time - I know how hard it is when you've got the walk to nursery, swimming lessons, toddler groups, etc to fit in!

  7. congrats on your awards, hope you find some precious sewing time soon xx

  8. Thank you Florence! I totally understand on the time front. Never enough hours in the day - especially when you're on a roll! Look forward to seeing some of your ideas coming to fruition.X

  9. Congratulations on your awards!
    Thank you for your kind words about my blog, much appreciated.
    Hope you work out the walking/driving balance.x

  10. Hi Florence,

    Thank-you so much - you are very kind, and I feel very chuffed, as I hold your blog and your work in very high regard. I'm glad you get a kick out of the naming of my bags hehe..actually the theme is that they are all references from Enid Blyton books.

    I think there is definitely something to be said for slowing down and walking, even if it does take up precious time....maybe you can mix it up and walk mostly, but still drive sometimes?

    Anyway, congratulations on your awards - your blog is always inspiring and smile-inducing. Thank-you :)


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