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Today I was the recipient of a most exciting parcel sent from America. I've been trying to think back and, despite generally feeling like quite a lucky person, I believe I can say with almost complete certainty that I have never previously won anything in my entire life (unless I'm forgetting something...and this may well be the point where my family, who are all blessed with better memory function than me, will ring to remind me of small victories that could be tenuously construed as having 'won' something)! So what a lovely surprise to find a note from Kelli on my Flickr account last month telling me that I had won a prize for the apron that I'd submitted to the Amy Butler In Stitches Sew-Along Flickr group. There was much double-taking, disbelief, frantic intakes of breath and then some shouts to Ian who was downstairs (and then a similar reaction from him too as he can't remember me ever winning anything either).

So what was in the parcel? The fabricy goodness pictured above. My picture doesn't show the variety of prints (there are actually six or seven pieces in there), but it does show my two favourites - the top one I recognised as being an Ikea fabric, which is such a treat, as our nearest Ikea involves a trip on a it might as well be as far away as Scotland I'm so unlikely to ever get there. My other favourite was the third one down - which is heavyweight and slightly retro looking - gorgeous! And I love the ribbon too! You can see my 'prize-winning' apron here when I blogged it back in December. I made it as a gift for my grandmother (who squirted tomatoes down it on first wearing....but she told me delightedly that it 'washes well' and that all trace of the incident is now gone!).

NB: As I post this I realise that I am shocked that I have won something...but you may just be shocked that I have written a post that doesn't take ten hours and whole packet of Hob Nobs to wade through. It is because I 'av the cold of Claude and so am off to snuggle under a large blanket and read the weekend newspapers.


  1. Congrats!! Looks like a terrific package. :)

  2. how lovely! congratulations on being a winner : ) such goodies in the post must have really made your day. hope you're feeling better by the way. xx

  3. Hi Florence, you lucky girl getting a parcel, and fabric too. Should you go onto Clare's blog, you will see that she was the recipient of a parcel as well, and she is really getting into her craft. Well done for giving her the inspiration. I'm so excited, I can't wait to get together with her again. She is going to take the 2 boxes of mine that are at Vicki's. That will well and truly start her "stash"
    Love Hazel xxxx
    P.S Get well soon.

  4. hey, congratulations. Funnily enough I sent off a parcel with just that ribbon in last week (not to you though!) Bring back the long posts please, I am only halfway through my cup of tea and wondering what to do with myself now...(plus, they make me feel less weird as mine tend to be a bit, how should I put it, erm, "wordy" too)
    Hope you enjoyed the papers

  5. what a lovely parcel, congrats on your win, hope you are feeling better soon. I feel like I've won today too, there are builders in the kitchen - they actually came!!

  6. Congratulations! Lots of fabric fun.

  7. What a great surprise. I love sending and receiving parcels and "proper" letters. Sorry to hear that you are poorly - just when the weather seems to be nice too!
    Take Care
    Clare xxx

  8. Oooh lucky you!! I won my first blog giveaway prize the other day and I was that chuffed! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  9. Congrats on winning the competition! It iss a very lovely apron! Get well soon xx


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