Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Mothering Sunday loveliness...

This was part of the Mother's Day card that Zebra-girl made for me at school. It has lots of these beautiful hearts on it, but also one that hangs from a loop, so that I can detach it and hang it up in a window. What an amazing amount of time and effort her teacher must have gone to with so many children - it almost makes me cry thinking of their loveliness. Zebra-girl told me how they went about making them and thought it would be a good thing to share:

Making Tissue-paper hearts - the Zebra way...

They first took a sainsburys bag and smeared pva glue all over it, then layered lots of beautifully coloured pieces of tissue paper over it and liberally added the glitter. Once this had dried they were able to peel it off the bag in one piece. They then drew hearts on it, cut them out and this bit of loveliness is what you are left with!

Zebra-girl took this photo of it hanging in my bedroom window.

Dinosaur-boy came home with these delicious choclate hearts that he had made with his nursery teachers. He was very definite that they were only for me, and that he absolutely mustn't eat even one...it took quite a lot of persuasion for him to share them with me...but once he'd started, he didn't want to stop. They were delicious.

On Sunday morning I woke up to giggling and excited leaping next to my bed. Ian had obviously been up for some time with the children and they'd arranged a treasure hunt all around the house, with their own hand-drawn clues, which eventually led me to a Pizza Express gift voucher, so that I might take them all out of tea! Once there, the children were given a daffodil each, which they have now put in tiny vases in their rooms. They have also taken every possible opportunity to play 'Pizza Express' with one another. This picture below was taken in one of the many 'restaurants' that they have set up in Zebra-girl's bedroom. I hear the waiter doesn't always give you what you've asked for, but it seems to have a good atmosphere.


  1. Hi Florence, your card and choccies are lovely. I got a shop bought card, which is probably just as well, I have 2 boys aged 8 and 10 and I have a strong suspicion that any card they made me would be decorated with wrestlers which is their current obsession! Me and the boys were supposed to be going along to an Easter crafting session after school tomorrow but due to huge demand, we didn't get a place, so we have decided to do our own - I'll let you know how it goes! - Natalie x

  2. Aren't your littlies the sweetest!

  3. What treasures! Thanks for the instructions zebra girl, I know two little gluers who would love to make these!

  4. What a great day! I love how you celebrate holidays with your family. The treasure hunt reminds me of your Valentine's celebration. :)

  5. I love all the things the kids come home with from school - such treasures for the momory box xx

  6. I've seen those chocolates somewhere before LOL (party of 5)
    Lovely Mothers day treats for you
    Take Care
    Clare x

  7. awh, sounds lovely! I went to PE on mother's day too, and got some daffodils which we then carried home on our bikes so they ended up a little mangled...I love how much children like to get involved in these sorts of celebrations...my two were like tiny conspirators all morning...

    I love those hearts, am going to try them...please thank Zebra Girl for the tutorial

  8. What beautiful mother's day gifts! Sounds like you had a lovely day. It's so sweet to see their little faces brimming over with pride when they've made something special for you, isn't it!

  9. That sounds a lovely day. We will try out the plastic bag hearts at the weekend.

  10. awww...so sweet! it must warm your heart to receive such treasures : )

  11. Such beautiful hearts! I shall pass the idea on to our school! I think you will have a hard time ever parting with those! They are precious!

  12. Aaaah how lovely, it sounds like you had a wonderful mothers day with such lovely treats.
    Love Alison x

  13. Hi thanks very much for instructions on the hearts. I do a lot of art actitivities and you've just given me something else for my repertoire!!

    Very effective, oh and the satisfaction of the peeling! Even before the masterpiece is revealed..

  14. gorgeous hearts and chocs - lucky you!


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