From the sick-bay...

This morning my lovely friend, Miss L, will have opened our birthday gift to her. She was a challenge for me to buy for, because my inclination is usually to head toward faded pink florals like a one-colour-preoccupied homing pigeon and buy up this nostalgia-ridden girlyness because it's what I would like for myself....but Miss L is a girl that I feared may not share my love of such things. She is elegant, yet bold...and I was feeling altogether stuck until I happened upon this teacup...which seems both elegant and bold and, for me, its perfection almost entirely rests upon the presence of this black butterfly that flits around the inside.

Perfect. I would enjoy drinking tea from it, and even if I knew not to go and buy the pinks that I would love, I am completely averse to buying something that I wouldn't covet myself. Miss L is a creature much like myself when it comes to tea drinking and always has an interesting selection of herb teas to wade through when we go a teabag holder seemed the perfect gift to accompany the cup and saucer, so that she might still drink her gingery concoctions when out and about.

However, this only led to more indecision...what fabrics could I possibly rustle up that might go with the teacup...because even though one is for the kitchen and one is for the handbag, they must compliment one another if they are to be given together...otherwise the whole thing just feels wrong. After an hour of indecision and holding fabrics against the teacup and bothering Ian for opinions, I finally pulled out an off-cut of some silver shot silk that I had bought long ago from John Lewis' remnants basket on a whim, a little more casting around revealed that a small section of an Amy Butler print that, while not the right colours for the most part, could be cut into to scavenge the grey and cream lacework section.

So sewing finally began at past 11pm...the little flower on the front is not perfectly placed...but there's only so many times that you can get the seam ripper out when it's fast approaching pumpkin hour (and as Alice C has told me, I must get to bed earlier, and she is so be in bed by 11.30 is beginning to feel like an early night, which may account for why I feel so sleepy all the time!). By half-past midnight tidying and de-linting the carpet could commence and as I plucked thread and pins from the floor I was mentally thanking Miss L for inspiring me to broaden my colour horizon in creating her birthday gift. I loved using these colours that feel so grown-up and serene.

We celebrated Miss L's birthday last weekend (whose husband made the most amazingly chocolatey chocolate cake imaginable), and this morning it was the turn of our own little Dinosaur-boy for a party...which of course means that Mr Teacakes has been in the flour bag again (actually, just the icing sugar bag, for I am his lackey that does the donkey work of whipping up his spongy canvas while he's at work). Unfortunately, such was our rush this morning that my attempts to photograph his creation were somewhat hurried...but hopefully you can fathom that a train was (pre-demolition) pulling some troublesome trucks that were heavily laden with all manner of sweetie goodness!

His party was lovely, his friends were lovely, he was lovely...I am less lovely and still have a headache and only narrowly managed to avoid being sick on Zebra-girl as I lifted her out of the bath this evening. Oh mummy, she said looking at me aghast as I gazed at the inner-reaches of the toilet pan, I so dislike it when people do makes me think they're actually going to be sick on me! Once I'd recovered, this comment interested me, for she makes it sound like it's a regular occurrence...who are these people, I wonder, who narrowly miss inflicting the product of their illnesses on my lovely daughter with such frequency?!

I am in bed now...resting...and plotting my next piece of stitchery.


  1. Oh honey, you must get your beauty sleepy or Mr Teacakes, zebra girl and dinosour boy will have a very sickie mummy. Us creative types need extra sleep because our minds just don't stop.
    Hope your feeling better now.
    It did sound like a wonderful day. Did the boys enjoy the pink cupcakes? I bet they just got stuck into them.

    Loving the tea cup and saucer and the teabag holder is just devine.
    Are they big enough for my mocha coffee sachets? if yes I'd love one for my handbag in something pale pink and flowery. Let me know if you can make one and how much. If you need the measurements, please just email hun.
    Sweet dreams.

    Catherine x

  2. I made the same train cake for my son when he was 4 (nearly 10 years ago!). The teacup and sachet looks like the perfect gift for your friend. I love the soft grey in the tea bag holder - such a practical idea.

  3. The cake looks fab - wish my husband was so inclined! And that teacup and teabag holder are just fabulous. I would love to drink tea out of such a stylish vessel!
    Hope you are feeling a whole lot better soon. We aren't so good at looking after ourselves are we, and I am also guilty of staying up way too late!

  4. Oh Florence! You are so like me! I do those nasty headaches every now and again....NOT FUN! Esp. when you throw up! So sorry, girl! You need some "down time"....if there is such a thing for us Mommies! I have been going to the Chiropractor and it is helping my headaches....i have always been scared to go, but it does help. So far so good.....hang in there, and good luck to you!

  5. Aaaargh...I sound like the Blog Nanny! It is just the voice of experience speaking - I don't want you to become wrinkled and grumpy like me.

    I must admit I am consumed with jealousy. I realise now that if I could find another man who made birthday cakes I would trade MrM in IMMEDIATELY.

    I hope that you feel better really soonx

  6. what a lovely present for your friend, made with such devotion. hope you are feeling better, was it a migraine?

  7. Oh dear Florence, something doesn't seem right there - hope the headache has gone and the sick thing too, you poor girl. Love the teabag holder though xx

  8. What a lovely present, great tea-bag cosy. And Mr Teacakes excelled himself with that wonderful train cake, if only my own dear J could bake (he is often challenged in making a cup of tea!)

  9. Hello, came across you through the flour loft. Love the birthday gift and the birthday cake!

    Hope you're feeling better.

    Lisa x

  10. Sweetie, you really do need to get plenty of sleep!!

    I love that cup and am fascinate by the teabag holder - how do I make one?

    Love the train cake and hopw you feel better soon

    April xx

  11. love the gift, the colours of the tea bag holder are lovely, and would be perfect with some faded pinks don't you think?

    The train cake made me all nostalgic! mummsy always made my little brother a train cake, with one candle per carriage, so it got longer and longer as he got older - he wanted her to make him a 21 carriage train eventually, but she said she had retired, and M&S could do the honours!

  12. beautiful photo the muted blacks, greys, and whites. Seriously cool.

  13. Poor you! Take care and I hope you feel better soon.
    Happy Birthday to your little dinosaur boy.
    The birthday gift you put together for your friend is just beautiful - lovely idea too!

  14. You always take such lovely photos. I hope you recover quickly!

    What those two sentences have in common, I don't know...that's just what came out, sorry! Feel better soon!

  15. You are one classy chick! That grey and white is very grown up! Thankfully blue train cakes and throwing up aren't, children cerainly keep you young huh?

  16. You have a very lucky friend - that is a gorgeous gift.
    Zebra Girl sounds very serene! I'm sure No2 would have run away hollering about how disgusting I was!
    Hope you're feeling much better now?

  17. Such a lovely present for your friend, and that train is absolutely fantastic!
    eek, I have had some horrid migraines lately too, most be because of these obsessions we have about things and never being able to turn our minds off from our crafty-ness!
    I would also try to get to the bottom of your daughters problem with near misses with sickly people!!! Tee Hee.
    Love Alison x

  18. Lovely cake, tea cup, tea bag case but not so lovely in the last bit. Hope you feel better soon

  19. There is just so many things here to comment! Your posts are just packed full of goodness! The cake is amazing- such a dream cake for a child. I sure do love the purse you made for your friend. The fabric on it is so pretty. I don't know how you do it - SUPERWOMAN!!


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