The need for loveliness

Flowers collected by the children that lay on the kitchen windowsill sent me off in search of seeing more loveliness, leaving the washing up with suds running off it into the sink and toys strewn across the floor waiting to be returned to their places.

I felt possessed by an overwhelming desire to see goodness and record its existence.

So I found myself, temporarily the mad-woman taking photos of the plants in her front garden, purposefully ignoring the footsteps of passersby walking home past our garden gate whose eyes, had they been given the chance to meet mine, might otherwise have raised self-consciousness to a level that halted this activity.

It is one of the amazing surprises of nature that at times it feels as though it blindly carries on growing and blooming regardless of anything else and fails to wither in sympathy or respectfully pause in its growth for a moment to bow its head.


  1. It can be very soothing to focus so intently, just for a short while, on such beautiful flowers. And you will be so glad that you did because even in a day or two they will have changed.

  2. Hey Florence
    What lovely pictures as usual. How nice to take a few moments out of ones day to enjoy our own surrounding - something I certainly take for granted.
    Take Care
    Clare x

  3. Lovely words! Lovely flowers!

  4. lovely post. the flowers and the words. glad to see you're on the mend...

  5. Haven't been around for a while, so was just catching up on your blog. Sometimes you just have to leave the everyday things and enjoy what is around you. It's amazing how one week there seems to be nothing much flowering in the garden - then BINGO everything starts to bloom. My neighbour has the most amazingly scented viburnum which is in blossom now, the scent in wonderful. Our garden was buried under about 4 inches of snow on Sunday but everything seems to have recovered.
    Tell Zebra girl her embroidery is beautiful.

  6. I'm so glad you decided to leave the dishes and the toys to undertake such a nourishing activity. The flowers in your front garden are truly photo-worthy, and they have made me sigh at their beauty (we have lots of pretty foliage in our garden, but the tropics is not the best place for pretty delicate flowers). Your post was a lovely way to start the morning. Thank-you :)

  7. wonderful photos x
    just a quickie tonight.. been out on the razz!? thank you for your lovely comment.
    x happy week to you Mrs Teacake x

  8. So pretty! Didn't you just have snow the other day?

  9. Oh that's exactly what I keep finding myself doing Florence - new bits of sring call to me from the kitchen window and out comes the camera yet again. Beautiful pictures xx

  10. your spring loveliness has brightened up my morning - thankyou!

  11. Gorgeous photos! It is important to take time to honor life around us and your photos are a glorious celebration of this joy.

  12. Beautiful! We are just begining to see signs of Spring here, so it is really lovely to see what we have yet to come! I am SO looking forward to going outside not bundled up to my nose. Your photos are lovely. Sometimes we get very wrapped up in mother things that we do not notice the little pleasures in life but thankfully we have children to remind us!

  13. Such lovely pics you have there.
    Sarah x

  14. Your garden is gorgeous! I just love this time of year when the plants that have been looking like they were dead suddenly bloom in amazing colors.
    Have a great day!

  15. These photos made my day!


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