A really tiny giveaway....

I have an addiction, not just to buying every conceivable flavour of herbal teabag, but also to buying dishcloths. The first time that I laid my eyes on a packet of these lovelies was nearly a year ago and I can't tell you quite how much their existence has revolutionised washing and cleaning up for me...I love that something so utilitarian is so perfectly lovely and pleasing to look at. I have come to see these dishcloths not as an indulgence...but as an essential, for their happiness-inducing qualities are dizzyingly large! On this basis, over the past months, I have felt compelled to buy a packet with some regularity, just in case they should ever disappear from the shelves. However, I have now accumulated such a quantity (you are given 3 identical dishcloths in every pack...and really one needs a sample of each pattern, so you can see how the trouble has arisen) that Mr Teacakes has begun to notice: he has told the little Teacakes that they must stop me from buying any more if they see me hovering in the dishcloth aisle. He says that we have enough.

And when I look in the drawer...and see just how many packets we seem to have...I think that maybe we do indeed have enough...and that I would like to share some of my dishcloth stash.

So this is my giveaway: from my four favourite prints I have made up two identical little bundles to be sent to two people whose names are picked randomly after commenting on this post. If you would like to have your name entrered into the hat I wondered if in your comment you might share a couple of your favourite words. This is a running game that I have with quite a few of my friends (although I don't give them dishcloths for taking part in these discussions) - although often the focus is on our most loathed words, but please DON'T tell me which words you dislike as it might end up as one big unreadable list of hideousness and then I would have to keep all the dishcloths myself - I really want to hear which words you love the sound of (for me: inclement), which words roll around in your mouth in a pleasing way (discombobulated), or a word that has lovely connotations for you (textiles, matryoshka, babushka, vanilla...I love all these words). I also love hearing my friend refer to his Bonne Mama....this somehow sounds so much nicer than grandmother.

The commenty goodness of lurkers, bloggers, non-bloggers, those across the seas, or first-time visitors is all most welcome, but do make sure you either leave an email address, add this to your Bloglines, or call back after the draw to check if you have won, as Blogger is often quirky in whose email addresses it will allow me to see!

We have had a nice quiet couple of days with Mr Teacakes off work toward the end of last week - we spent our time creating a board game with the Zebra-girl & Dinosaur-boy, holding our own Sport's Day with a focus on hurdling (stopwatches and a competitive spirit were present), baking cakes and visiting National Trusty gardens and, most delightful of all, eating Honeycomb ice-creams in the sun. This wasp (above) very kindly chose not to sting me while I took a picture of him, despite the fact that I interrupted its drinking by putting my camera about an inch away from its stripy little body.

Dishcloth winners will be drawn at some point next week.
(p.s....did I mention that they are washable?....and so their loveliness lasts for months!) x


  1. Hi Florence,
    My favourite word is 'cricket'. Just for the way it sounds. I do not like the game...just the word!

  2. Honeycomb ice cream? That sounds gorgeous!

    Two of my favourite words are serendipity and higgledy-piggledy. Maybe the second one is a bit of a mde up word but I still like it! I'd love to be entered in your draw if that's OK.

  3. Ho! I have those dishcloths too! Aren't they fab?

    Anyway, my favourite word is japanese, but you had matryoshka so I think I'm allowed. The word is kutsushita, which sounds like a sneeze but means socks.

  4. Hi Florence,
    Sounds like a fun give away hun. I'll give it a go.
    My favourite word is "marshmallow" because it reminds me camping trips as a child, toasting their yummy sweet taste and the pretty pink and white colour they come in.

    Another word I like is "eiderdown" makes me think of cold winter nights in front of an open fire. Heaven just heaven.

    Speak soon honey.

    Catherine x

  5. I have a packet of those dishcloths, my mum gave them to me, and I haven't the heart to open them up and use one, they just seem far to pretty to me used for such a thing!!

    For a long time 'spanner' was my favorite word, I love the way it sounds when you say it! At the moment, I dunno, er.... maybe something like 'thingamejig' :)

  6. Another self confessed fancy dishcloth purchaser comes out of the woodwork! Yes, I buy them too. The problem is, I can't bring myself to sully them. But I find they lend themselves to blogger packages very nicely.

    So, don't enter me in the draw, but I wanted to share my own favourite - fantastic. I use it far too much, but it's such a happy word.

  7. i love dishcloths too, so i'd like to enter your giveaway. these are lovely ones, and one of them makes me think of one of my favorite words... it's "mariposa," which means butterfly in spanish.

    now once you've given these away, does that mean you're allowed to start buying them again?!

  8. very pretty, haven't seen those - must change shops!
    I like the word indeed, mostly because hubby uses it when he wants to make a point, and it makes me laugh, and I like "whilt" which is my nieces word for quilt....

  9. I love 'bumble bee' - it just sounds so big and fat and buzzy. And 'drowsy'. Actually, here's a whole line for you from one of our fav Hairy Maclary books... "It was drowsily warm, with dozens of bees lazily buzzing through flowers and trees..." All those zzzz's!

  10. My favorite word is jardin which means garden in spanish. I like the sound of it. Plus, I like to garden. :)

  11. Ha ha ha ha - brilliant giveaway!! I LOVE these dishcloths and have a huge stash too - so don't enter me into the draw :o)

    Two of my favourite sounding words are petal and hen.

    Thanks for your very kind ocmment earlier. Its amazing how much a change in fabric alters a project isn't it? I was originally going to have plain linen with the Kaffe Fasset pleats, but no plain linen was to be had - and now I really love the clashing pattern madness. Funny how it often works out that way.


  12. Favorite words! Brilliant.

    First, I love the word "slice." For some reason, though, I only like it when certain people say it. I'm not sure what the key to saying it nicely is...

    My other is probably "mindful." Doesn't that sound nice? Mindful. Yes. :-) Ah, mindful.

  13. Oooh, those dishclothes are heavenly. So pretty. I would have trouble using them and probably just display them artfully somewhere.

    My favourite words right now are mommy, superfluous, and summer (the last one is probably just longing because we got a foot of snow last night!)

  14. Those are such lovely dishcloths!
    My favorite word is 'meow'. Is it a word? I hope! So many ways to say it with expression!


  15. Am I a lurker? No .. I think not. I believe I have commented ... although infrequently ... at some point.

    Favorite word: Wonky

    It's a fun word to say, and so descriptive, sometimes descriptive of my quilting blocks. Ugh.

    Lovely dishcloths by the way. I'd love to win them. I have never seen such pretty ones. Mine are plain white washcloths from the bathroom. Very boring.


  16. Will it increase my odds of winning if I say, we don't have such beautiful cloths in Canada?!! Favourite words include flabbergast and gumption, just because.

  17. I'm a dishtowel purchaser, so I understand the compulsion! I think a set of your cloths would complement mine nicely.

    Enjoyable word:

    However: Using this word allows me to link one of my myriad of ideas to another - whether they go together or not - and discuss all options that are swimming through my mind.

    I asked my daughter to help me think of one of my over-used words, but it's late and she told me I use so many, how could one choose? Hmmmm...

    -- Michele
    calicodaisy (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. those dishcloths are just divine - I actually thought that it was fabric that you were photographing and I was scrolling down to see the photos of the dishcloths when I realised that they were the dishcloths.

    As I love beautiful dishcloths my favourite word would have to be 'dishcloth'. I have never seen anything like that here in Australia.

  19. Beautiful prints, Florence. I have been buying dishcloths too lately.... Perhaps I have quite many too!

  20. Lovely dischcloths! I'd definitely like to be in your draw, please!

    I have to say, I share your appreciation of the word discombobulated. It really is such a pleasing word!

  21. How fun, a giveaway on my very first visit! My two words are lackadaisical and boudoir.

    Lackadaisical is so much more elegant than plain old lazy, and boudoir sounds so French and just slightly naughty.

  22. 'Tintinnabulation' - I use it ALL the time!

  23. Hello Florence and what a great giveaway. I have so many favourite words it is difficult to choose - let's go for these:
    dusk - makes me think of the quietening of the day, all calm and restful with the sounds of birds settling for the night
    balmy - that warm sunshiney feel you get late in the afternoon sitting on a beach watching children play in the sea. The searing heat has gone out of the day and a long evening calls sipping cool wine as the sun sets. Bliss! xx

  24. Those are dishcloths?? Where on earth from? I was convinced the red flowers were Marimekko for a moment there.

    Thank you for all your beautiful photos, reading your blog has really given me a push to take better pictures of my own work.

    Favourite words...I've always loved "StraBenbahnhaltestelle" (tram stop in German, literally "street train stopping place") because it's...well, so darn sensible, and it really rolls off the tongue. And "Englekuesse" - used as the word for dimples in some parts of Germany; it translates as angel kisses. Being the bearer of quite a pair of dimples that's always appealed to me!

    My 2.5yo daughter is loving the word "bamboozled" at the moment and uses it at every opportunity.

  25. Oooh, pretty dishcloths...

    Favourite words:
    -piffle (because it is piffle-y)
    -misadventure (doesn't make it sound quite so bad..)
    -asafeteda (can't spell it, but I bought some just for the name)

  26. Wow Florence, that's a lot of dishcloths and aren't they lovely! I was the lucky recipient of a couple from our mate Ali! In fact I used it this afternoon for the very first time! Which brings me to one of my favourite and oft used words - bizarre! And that my dear really is quite bizarre!!!

  27. Lovely cloths , especially the butterfly one.
    At the minute I would have to say "school" as that is where I am about to go with the 3yr old and "peeps" because hopefully that is where the 9 mth old will be going so I can do some sewing and lastly "popsy" as that is what 3 yr old calls Hub
    Lisa x

  28. oooh, gorgeous cloths - where are they from?

    I have so enjoyed reading others favourite words.

    mine is a repeat of "serendipity" - I love the word, and the experience

    my other current favourite is "daft", my 5 yo keeps using it about various things and it sounds just perfect coming from her mouth...it's not a word we've used traditionally so we are intrigued as to where she picked it up. Will be using it much more from now on though, it's perfect!

  29. Those dishcloths are so pretty

    My favourite words are sparkle - because it sounds like what it is

    Munchkin because it is my daughter's nickname

    and Hee-har because this was C's version of sweetheart when she was tiny and it has stuck!

    April xx

  30. I likw 'follollopy' a word from my childhood, meaning floppy and generally wobbly.
    What fancy dishcloths, puts mine from the poundshop to shame!

  31. Hi Florence, I like efficacy and use it as often as I can to remind people it exsists and they do not have to say effectiveness. On a less snobby level I love BUM! With two children it is my new swear word and is surpriingly satisfying!

  32. Those gorgeous things are dishcloths???

    Hmmm, my favorite words, that is a tough one. I have been finding myself say "for shizzle" a lot lately, to the utter dismay of my family and friends (I just think it's funny, especially in a serious setting, but not too serious of course). Actual words which I like the sound of are chai, bella, and lackadaisical.

  33. Hello! I love looking at your blog! So many pretty things to feast my eyes on! I am struggling to think of my favourite word of all time but one is spaghetti, mainly because of all the silly ways you can say it! getti, besgetti, gespetti. hehe most of these are from children!xxx

  34. Love the dishcloths. Haven't seen anything like them around here! Favorite words - hmm -
    Yum (I use it to describe MANY things)
    Textile (love the way it rolls off the tongue)


  35. Oh, favourite words ... where do you start ... and how on earth do you choose which dishcloth to use ...

    But I do have two favourites ... folderol and furbeloe ... wonderful words for bits of nonsense! And my children's names both begin with F too ...

    My name however doesn't - it's Julie

    j (dot) nelsonrhodes (at) btinternet (dot) com

  36. I have a pile of the Sarah Smith dishcloths.....but have a terrible time using them as they are just too pretty to dirty up!
    Have you visited the website?
    I have an apron, oven mits and the microfibre cloths (unused)

    A favouite word? Enigma

    Don't put me in to the give away as it wouldn't be right if I won...

  37. Oh how fun, those dishcloths are divine!! Never seen any like it... but doubt they will drive me to housework! haha.

    My all-time favourite word is onomatopoeia, and any onomatopoeic words are fun too.... like 'swoosh!', that's a good one.

    I'll check back to see if I win!! (how exciting) and email you if I do!

  38. Hi Florence,

    Thanks for the tip on the nose gadget!

    My favourite words are faffing, my hubbo and little dear do a lot of this (I think it is a made up word). The other word that sounds just great is Incognito, is sounds like its meaning!


    Vanessa x

  39. LOL! I can't beleive there is someone else out there who has a pink dishcloth fetish .. !! I have managed to find pink "E-CLOTHS" (type)!! and I use them for EVERYTHING ...

    My favourite word (currently) .. Marmalade.

  40. Hi Florence,
    One of my favourite words is not printable here for fear of offending...it's a bit rude... i am sure it would be on your list of most loathed words. It starts with s and ends with m....maybe i'll email it you...or maybe not. Words seem to go in phases... at the moment i like 'curious'. My friend Polly uses this a lot. Another word is 'lush'... an old word many friends used at college about 20 years ago... but now resurrected since watching Gavin and Stacy. Other prettier words i like are... wispy, delicate, blossom.
    ginny xx

  41. Oh, goodness, I'm not sure that I can pick just one favorite word, so I'll list a few.

    Jest - it just makes me think of a court jester

    Fuzz-bucket - my nickname for Jake, the golden retriever. I suppose this word is made up, but it should count because my DH says it now too.

    Bumbling - just because it is fun to say.

    Your dishcloths are so pretty. Mine aren't nearly so nice.

  42. Hi you! What an exciting prospect! Oh so pretty dishcloths!
    Please put me in the hat.
    Some of my favorite words are :-
    'Golly Gosh' evocative of Afternoon tea and crumpets! And 'Mard' or ' Mardy'a Lancashire word I grew up with, meaning 'don't be soft,or whinney - or whatever'.
    Funny what people like, nice to know we are all different!
    x Vicky x

  43. Hi Florence,

    Why haven't I seen these dish cloths, they are lovely. My favourite words
    Tickety-Boo. When people ask how I am, it's usually my answer and it always brings a smile. The other favourite word is grandchildren for obvious reasons. Hope to see you soon.
    Love Hazel

  44. Hi there-

    Lots of comments here I see! So many great words! My favorites are anomaly and calliope. Hmm, they sound quite similar. I also love the word syzygy because of its great spelling.

    Those dishcloths are so sweet, they look like my kids blankies!

  45. Hey Florence
    Where on earth do you shop?? Those dishcloths are wonderful and would definately make any kind of cleaning chore alot more paletable

    Favourite Word:
    Hullabaloo - just brings such a mental picture, to me of elephants causing chaos??
    Nonsense - it just seems so specific, often teamed with the word "utter" brings the point home.
    Frightful - it is an old word that is not used very often now, but my grandmother used to use it alot, and whenever I do hear it now it makes me smile and remember her
    Take Care
    Clare x

  46. Florence! Where did you find such lovely dishcloths?! I have never seen the likes! I would indeed tidy up more often with some pretties like these. Almost too pretty to use.

    One of my fav words is: "cuddly"
    Even our girls use it lots! :)

  47. Hi Florence,

    I do like your dish cloths!

    I have read your blog on many occasions but I've never commented.

    My favourite word is caffuffle...it's so very English!

    Sian x

  48. Thanks for comment Florence. Those little pants are making me so happy right now.

  49. Oh, I love the look of those dish cloths...I don't think we have anything so fabulous over here. One of my favourite words is uxorious (greatly, or excessively fond of one's wife). I also love principessa - I first heard it in Life is Beautiful. I love the way it roles off my tongue and the affection I feel for Miss Grace when i call her that.

  50. Hi Florence,
    I have so many favourite words I hardly know where to start. I like piccalilly, moomin, whimsy and cupcake. I like old-fashioned words my nin used to use like frock, rouge(blusher)and spectacles. But my favourite is a made up word which I use as a term of endearment only to my little girl.....squeakheart.

  51. You already mentioned mine - which is discombobulated. My second favourite is a Welsh word "cymylog" (cum, uh, log) which means cloud.

  52. This is my first time to visit your beautiful blog and I will be subscribing to it. Some of my favorite words are: bagel, mosaic, glitter, novel, Vienna, azalea, forsythia...

  53. My favourite words are umbrella, yibble and gansie (my granny's word for a jumper). I love the way these words sound :)

  54. Fabulous! I love giveaways :) My favourite word is fiddlesticks (I say it a lot instead of swearing) and I like the word numpty too. Numpty means daft so I often say it when my children are being silly!

  55. Oh this is the best criteria for a giveaway. I've actually just spent the last 10 mins searching (to no avail) for a scanned newspaper article that a friend sent me about some grannies who were taking up fencing for exercise. Thought you might appreciate it too. The article started with the term 'Swashbuckling grannies...'. My friend sent it to me as she thought the happy absurdness of it would appeal (and it did), but the thing I liked most was the fact that the journalist managed to start the article with such a great word - Swashbuckling! I've been looking for any opportunity to use it ever since. And you just gave me the perfect one! Thanks :)

  56. Love the dishcloths - I wouldn't mind the washing up so much if I used them!

    Favouite words - so many to choose from, but these speak to me...
    seashore, jumble, moonlight and paper.

  57. Cool dishcloths, never seen those before! A word I like is moss, as an old English name it means 'maternal love', and I love the rich green vibrant colour of moss that you get in damp woodlands - I love it's springy feeling and the word makes me think of all these things. I also like serendipity...Loved your pics from your last post, has made me want to visit the seaside very soon.


  58. Oh well now-
    & mellow
    lovely dishcloths!Thanks Zia

  59. I would love to be entered in your drawing. My two favorite words: bella (rolls off the tongue nicely and sounds so beautiful) and chicken souvlaki (yummy dish and reminds me of the trip I will someday make to Greece once the kiddies are grown). In case my email doesn't show, it's debbie.poli@gmail.com Have a great day!

  60. Hi Florence. I love your giveaway. Faith and I much enjoy saying these phrases in a British accent, just for fun: "little tea sandwiches," "Peanut Butter Panda Puffs," and "Cottages Amongst the Flowers". Probably less amusing for you, since you have a natural British accent, but we have lots of fun with it. Enjoy reading through your responses.

  61. I have to say along with Lina that we are not blessed with such beatiful dish cloths here in Canada....so even if we don't win we cannot even go out and buy any!!!(Are you feeling sorry for us yet?) Can you imagine life with out such prettyness? We live it EVERY day!!
    I love to hear my daughter call me Mumsie and she calls Grandma Gramsie. I do like the word paisly though.
    I am crossing my fingers that those dish cloths come my way and if they do I will share them with Lina!(I just found out she lives very close to me) (Well, close in Canada is two hours away!)

  62. Those are dishcloths??? I am clearly shopping in the wrong places - please share where they can be purchased!!!

    I like the words joy & hope - both always seem uplifting somehow. A family favourite is toolilly which is what my youngest called the utility & it's stuck!

    Chris x

  63. Better late than never - at least I hope I'm not too late!
    Seeing all your dishcloth collection together is very impressive - maybe you should make a quilt with them?!
    Favourite word? Ocean - I love saying it and it brings back happy memories...

  64. Favourite word? probably "cake" not just for its cakiness but for the way my little gril says it at the moment!

  65. Hi Florence, one of my favourite words at the moment is: St Barnabus!, I know sounds weird but all is working out well and it is now a word that fills me with peace rather than dread. I realise this isn't exactly a competition winner but know you will appreciate its significance, even though I think the dishclothes are absolutely heavenly and would love to win them!
    Lots of love,

  66. I can't believe those are dishcloths - I can't help thinking though it's probably a good idea I don't have any as I'd be more inclined to ignore the housework!!

    Favourite words:
    Firstly - "Darling" - I tend to say it to my 3.5yr DD who's now started calling everyone it

    Secondly - "Love" - because there are so many ways to say it and nobody can have too much

    Leah x
    sewtobed (at) aol (dot) com

  67. I love this. Reading other peoples favourite words has made me chuckle.

    My favourite word is actually a name, Farquar.
    I first heard it on the film Shrek. Lord Farquar.
    Its the way it can be said, Faaaarrrquuaaaar.
    I love it.

  68. At this moment, my favourite word is DISHCLOTH, so please enter me in your giveaway!

    I like bird names like 'lazuli bunting' and 'chipping sparrow'. The latter reminds me of another word I like - 'chips'. As in potato chips, paint chips, wood chips, nail chips...

    My e-mail address is kadjelily[at]yahoo[dot]ca

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. Would love to win the discloths. My Email address is jackiealu@aol.com. My favorite word is vacation. I love how is sounds and what it means to me. I also like the word travel for the same reason.


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