The road to perfect head wear...

Today Ian's parents came visiting, bringing all manner of lovelies in their bags...and for me a particularly wonderful and most unexpected one. A while ago I had happened to see the perfect hat on Jane's Yarnstorm was love. I followed her link to the pattern that it had been created from in a frenzy of premature triple-clicking on my mouse (a habit that Mr Teacakes often chastises me for) as the page slowly loaded. And what delights I found there - the Kim Hargreaves website is wonderful, although unfortunately this only left me even more pained by the fact that my knitting has not progressed past knit one, pearl one. Luckily my mother-in-law is quite wonderful with the needles and was most agreeable to making me one up for next how delightful to be handed a mysterious and unexpected lovely white box today, tied up with ribbed white ribbon...and on opening it to find lovely white folds of crinkly tissue paper hiding an early Christmas present. I am quite in love with it, and my kind mother-in-law has told me that now she has the pattern she is quite happy to make it up in any other colours that it might be needed in (well, that would be one to compliment every colour of outerwear...but I feel that I must rein myself in if her poor fingers are not to be worn away to little wafers).

The pattern even came with a lovely little label to be stitched inside the hat.

It is such a relief to have this hat in my collection now. I find waterproof jackets most upsetting garments to wear, and instead choose to wear a black wool coat that is perfect for protecting one from even the heaviest of downpours as long as one has on suitable head wear (umbrellas being a troublesome accessory when pram-pushing). The Christmas before last, Mr Teacakes bought me the most perfect black angora flowerpot-style hat, that is lovely to wear (doubly so, because clothing feels so much more special when chosen by someone other than the wearer, as though one is walking around wrapped in a particularly lovely cuddle from the giver)...but unfortunately the wearing of it does require very specific weather conditions: any amount of rain is fine, but it must fall without even the slightest hint of a gust of wind or it is off, flying across roads and leading me on wild hat-retrieval missions as the children stand watching open-mouthed.

I knew that a Plan B in my hat wardrobe was necessary when the day came that weather conditions were so severe that I was forced to admit defeat and put on a black waterproof jacket with integral hood....Plan B's finest points are: woolen to repel the rain; a thick band that will keep it firmly in place even in a gale; and roomy enough to contain all my hair should such a thing be necessary (although there's so much less of it now, that this has ceased to be such a problem in hat-buying).

What more could a girl wish for? Bring on the rain! x


  1. I love the hat so chic!, one of my favourite hats is a primark beret which is a deep pink colour £3.00 too!. My daughter is always pinching it though as well as my bags. I guess I should be honoured!
    Your children will be crafty like you , those little hands stitching how sweet

  2. Happy New Hat! I love a hat, trying to hold up a brolly in Scotland is a mission in itself, so I always opt for a bunnet!

  3. What a truly lovely hat! I am a huge hat fan and on cold windy days a wooly beret can not be beaten!

  4. Hi! just found your blog ~ good stuff. I too have just discovered hats, and the particular qualities needed for different weather situations! I live in N Wales ~ lot of rain!
    x Vicky x

  5. You are so utterly adorable! The hat's cute too - what a lovely MIL!

  6. Lovely new hat! I've just added it to my ravlery queue - it's such a lovely style. Just enough slouch.

  7. That is indeed a beautiful hat - made even better by being made for you.
    Lucky you!

  8. Lovely hat Florence and I would think it is perfect for your hair. What a great MIL too xx

  9. Oh, I want that hat too! I think you've just chosen my next knitting project. :)

  10. What a gorgesous gift and even the label is adorable.

  11. Lovely hat, just the right degree of slouch!
    I love wearing a hat, keeps you toasty in winter and shaded in summer.

  12. What a lovely hat and a lovely gift?

  13. I have never seen a pattern come with a name brand tag!!! That is neat.

  14. what loveliness!!!
    You lucky lady!
    What a special mother in law indeed!


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