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Today I finally got around to putting up my wall-hung thread rack. It has taken me a long time to hunt down some mirror plates small enough to mount it wouldn't think they were that hard to come by, but they have proved to be most elusive. I finally found them in a wonderful little independent hardware shop that gave them to me completely free, as I realised I'd put all my change into a parking meter and they didn't take credit kind!

I'm sure you can imagine quite how much fun, and how entirely satisfying it was to load up the rack and fiddle around with colour order. My dream is for one day each spool of thread to have a bobbin sitting beneath it loaded with the corresponding colour...can you imagine how dreamy that arrangement would make the prospect of threading up one's machine! A few threads already have their partners...I am so excited about my next use of those ones.

I had been thinking about moving my sewing space into the playroom once Dinosaur-boy goes to school in September, but actually I think I like it where I am in the corner of our bedroom: I have a fantastic view, inpromptu visitors don't have to see mid-project room-devastation and I don't have that horrible 'last one up the stairs' feeling if I work late at night. I've realised I just need my space to be a little better organised. I want to make a pincushion that velcros onto my machine to try and encourage myself not to just hurl pins into the air as I've finished with them, I would like to wall-mount a little pot for scissors, seam-ripper and mini-ruler, as well as a little pot where I can put stray threads. All of these things will mean that I spend less time looking for things that I have only just put down and will hopefully mean less time is spent clearing up each night.

So here is what my little corner looks like now:

I am simply loving looking in the mirror from this angle for double-bobbin fun! Heaven.

I must also tell you about a new fabric marker that I have come across recently (finding the perfect one is something of an obsession of mine). This one is made by Sewline and is apparently of 'Japanese selection'...I don't know why, but it felt like that might have been written on there as a marketing ploy to make it seem a little 'cooler' worked, I wanted one desperately!

Anyway, this particular propelling pencil is supplied with specially formulated ceramic leads and produces the finest and clearest of lines on fabric, which you can then erase with the little rubber on the end or with a damp cloth. I have (of course) had my pencil filled with pink leads, but I believe it can be filled with things slightly less fluffy. I bought my own locally, but a quick search on the Internet tells me that they can be found here (I've never ordered from this company though, so have no idea what their service is like).

On a slightly different note, lets talk about vignetting. I am being driven to distraction by it...I had never really noticed it as a phenomenon before (and still don't when my photos are large) but while Ian's been working on creating my little shop a lot of my photos have had to be reduced down to thumbnail size and then it really is noticeable. Reading about it on the Internet just confuses me and launches me into a land of camera technicality that I don't feel mentally-equipt to enter. If you happen to be in possession of the non-technical solution, then please do tell (most especially if one must eat chocolate to make it work).

Wishing you all happy weekends...another bank holiday. Yipee! And then a whole lovely week with the little Teacakes free from their educational pods, I can't wait.


  1. Very neat and tidy, fresh and clean. I need to purchase one of those thread holders too - my spools are jumbled in a drawer right now. BTW - I sent off the package this past Saturday - start to look for it.

  2. Hi Florence,
    your threads look great on their little stand and yes that would be heaven having matching spools all ready. Two of each colour would be ideal i think to avoid running out for ages.
    I like your sewing area but don't you have to be quieter late at night upstairs? R always tells me to stop using the machine when it gets too late.
    Can't help with the vignetting... but i expect a large bar of chocolate would fix it. Looking forward to seeing your website.
    Hope you have a lovely half term with your little 'teacakes'.
    ginny x

  3. oooh I like the look of that pencil, looks like it will stay nice and sharp - I am forever sharpening mine and then cursing when the "lead" falls out.

  4. You unearth the best sewing notions! You must reveal your secret bricks and mortar shop and then I can make a detour next time we visit my brother!

    Is that where the thread rack came from too? I've wanted one for ages, although I am a little paranoid about the threads fading in the sun.

    And how subtly you slipped in that 'making my shop' comment - can't wait. Re the vignetting (which I had to google because I didn't know what it was). Couldn't you just reduce your photo before cropping it and thererby cut off the shadowed portion?

  5. Sorry I know nothing about vignetting - I struggle with the most basic of snaps! Your sewing space looks lovely and organised. I like the idea of the loose thread and scissors containers. I've taken to sticking a little plastic bag to my dining table to collect stray threads as I go along, emptying them at the end of the sewing session and it's really made a difference to mess levels around here! You are becoming the queen of the sewing gadget - I wish I had a nice sewing shop like yours near by!

  6. Happy long weekend to you! May you make the most of it with your lovely new items! I am going to check out one of those pens - thank you so much for the tip! I am finally updating my blogroll and adding you onto it!
    ~Emily xxoo

  7. your sewing corning is idyllic, love that thread hanger! and that pen, just off to check out that link. can't help on the photo front, never heard of it sorry, but really looking forward to seeing your shop!!!!

  8. Nice spools! Have you ever come across this photographer? Very beautiful use of thread spools.

    ooops! you have to look under the 'The Sea, The Surge and The Seamstress' to see the thread photos . . let me know what you think.

  9. I have been coveting a spool holder for ages! it looks perfect!

    I was making a rare trip to LIDL a few weeks ago and found the most wonderful sets of threads with matching spools, I think there were about 30 colours, I think they have been the most useful purchase I have ever made there!


  10. Your thread rack is so pretty. What a wonderful decoration to hang on your wall!

  11. I love your orginised thread stand, and your work space looks so tidy and inspiring! I can't help with the vignetting, I had never heard of it before it sounds like something you would drizzle over a summer salad! Good luck and happy bank holiday :)

  12. looks great! My sewing space is in the bedroom as well, although yours looks much neater. Love the colorful photos!

  13. I have managed to avoid your photo problems by using ebay picture manager for mine they give you a web address for 4 different sizes- actual, 400 pixels, 200 pixels and 96 this is their thumbnail size- it really helps and they work great in my online shop- hope this helps, Zia

  14. I keep my thread the same way and I love having the bobbin right there ready to go. Nice.

  15. I covet your spool rack and have decided I need one too - mine are in a recycled takeaway box at the moment - my threads deserve something better! I'll ask Andrew this evening about vignetting problems, he might know...
    I'm really looking forward to seeing your shop. Have a lovely time with your little ones next week, Sarah x

  16. Your thread holder looks lovely, especially with the matching spools
    Lisa x

  17. Your corner looks so appealing. I love how many colors you have on your spools. I DO understand how wonderful it is to think of bobbins already wound with the matching color of thread. HEAVEN. I also dream of having every color of thread at the ready. Just yesterday I looked at my purple hawaii dress which needs the kick pleat mended (tore a bit) and thought of how wonderful it would be to have the perfect match in thread for it so no-one could see the sewing repair. Sigh.
    Good job getting your corner organized. I like your ideas for the scissors and pin cushion (etc) too. I hope you post photos of that as well.
    Enjoy your bank holiday and your children! We have a holiday today too (Memorial Day).
    Wendy :D

  18. i work upstairs, i'm lucky enough to have a whole little room, but i much prefer being upstairs than downstairs. the kids quite often stir in the evenings, and it just works better being close by.

    i so need one of those racks, my thread is so tangled, in bags sorted by colour, but looks like cooked spaghetti it's such a mess!

  19. OOOOOH Lovely!

    I made one of those little stands with 200 spikes for thread. It looked lovely.

    I bought a pack of 72 sewing threads from Robson & Mason ( ) and it looked devine! I still have a load of space on it, which I'm saving for when I find some metallics and some bobbins.

    Like The Flour Loft said, it is nice to have them all matching and having 2 of each, that's why Robsons is so good.

    Gosh I love that shop! xxx

  20. I wish I had spool holder like yours! I have a pen like yours and I bought a glue pen too - Mette


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