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This week I went and collected from the ceramics studio the pottery that we had painted during half-term. Above is my coaster that I based on a Heather Bailey print. I was most delighted by Dinosaur-boy's rabbity eggcup though. He put much effort into daubing it and it looks so bright and lovely, now that it's been glazed, that a tea of egg and soldiers was rustled up that very evening to celebrate.

Another wonderful new addition to our home is this vintage Singer sewing machine. On Sunday morning all the other Teacakes were off gallivanting when my father surprised me by knocking at the door with this wonderful machine stashed in the footwell of his car.

He had been off 'booting' (as he calls it) and had parted with £4 to buy me this virtually unused piece of loveliness. The old man who sold it to him told him that it had been his mothers and while the wooden travel case that it has lived in for all those years is quite battered, inside, the actual sewing machine is pristine...just look at those shiny unscratched unworn plates!

It has a bobbin shaped like a torpedo and the minute I'd worked out how to put it back into it's correct place (which took longer than a minute) I had some material under its foot and was delighted to find that it is capable of producing perfect stitches. I have to admit to finding even modern sewing machines breathtakingly you can imagine my feelings of wonder faced with carved scratch plates and golden decoration...and quite how touched I was that my father had been off investigating all things stitchery-related in a muddy field at 6.15 in the morning.

Also this week we received in the post this fantastic little cup, bowl and plate set that we had won on a giveaway on the Hurrayic blog...I was so delighted on opening the box to find that, despite her long journey over the seas, she was perfectly intact. The little Teacakes have had so much fun lining up all her body parts - isn't she lovely! Thank you, Ellen.

Above is Zebra-girl's cake pot that she made. Out of interest Dinosaur-boy and I checked whether it will actually hold a single cupcake, and our experiments revealed that it is the most perfect fit, which was pleasing, even though I then had to tell Zebra-girl that 'cupcake holder' will not be its ultimate purpose as that would mean that a constant supply of baking would have to find its way up to her bedroom.

We are hopefully getting our car back today, after it was towed to the garage last Sunday...I am excited, not because I actually want to go any where in it, but because I know that they will have washed it for me and it will be pleasing to live for at least the next week pretending that I am the type of person that bothers to wash the car....I wonder if this necessitates the wearing of different clothes to truly become the embodiment of my new imagined persona...first I shall have to think about what such a person might wear. Additionally, I think that its return may force some of Mr Teacakes 'rules' to be rewritten. You see, after the dish cloth accumulation crisis, Ian decided that our shopping bill would be less costly if he took charge of the weekly shop...however, since we purchased our car it has broken down four times, and on each occasion it has been on a Sunday when Mr Teacakes has been driving home from the me this can only mean one thing....our dear little car wants me to buy MORE dishcloths! Horay! I am so happy that it feels this way that I may even set one of them aside to give its bonnet the occasional polish.


  1. your painted pottery turned out great! love you sewing machine, your dad is a real star, my gran used to have one like that I don't know what happened to it.
    thought of you this week as I bought some pink flowery dishcloths, after seeing yours then the plain white ones just wouldn't do!

  2. How lovely - could DB make me an eggcup too??? I absolutely love his marbled colours.

    I am rather envious of you having a father who brings vintage sewing machines - my father would be more likely to turn up with a sail that needed mending.

  3. Oh gosh, I have sewing machine envy now. I love those unscratched shiny plates - they almost look in better condition than those on my (merely 20 years old) machine!

    Does it take regular modern needles or are you going to have to hunt out vintage ones?

    Sigh. So lovely.

  4. I have an old Singer and table and my Granny has 4! I love them, they conjour images of cold nights and loving stiches, and now make beautiful pieces of furniture. I wonder if their fisrt and original owners would have imagined where they would end up.

  5. What a beautiful sewing machine! I have a serious case of sewing machine envy now - your father sounds lovely!

    The pottery looks like a big success too - I'm sure the children are really proud of their creations.

  6. Your father is the best! How lucky to have received a Singer in such good condition.

  7. wow what a find! your dad is a star...but i guess you already know that : ) enjoy your new vintage friend.

    the ceramics turned out well...even yours!! that's such a nice thing to do together and you get to use the results. brilliant!

    now husbands doing the groceries? i can't imagine letting mine loose with the trolley. actually it would save us a lot of money : ) when i send him for a pint of milk...he comes home with a pint of milk. now if that was me it would include at least one treat (magazine/cake/cute dish cloths)! i think your car is telling you something!

    happy weekend xxx

  8. your pottery is just beautiful - I am very envious.

    As for that gorgeous machine - how lucky you are.

    I say 'more dishcloths'!!!!!!!!!

  9. OMG! I have exactly the same sewing machine! My Grandma bought it for me years ago, it was in worse shape than yours, but I renovated it, and recovered a sofa using it!
    It is a 'shuttle' or boat shaped bobbin underneath - the same that are used for tatting. They can be hard to get hold of! but they sew beutifully!
    I wish you joy to sew with it!


  10. LOL loving that little story at the end of your post. Your little car is definitely saying to Mr Teacakes move and let Mummy Teacakes come back and do the shop, she fills my boot with lovely goodies and gorgeousness. lol
    You have two very clever little artists on your hands the cupcake pot is my fav I have to say a girl after my own heart. And I bet those runny eggs taste fab from the new bunny eggcup.
    Clever Mrs Teacakes too on your coaster, I really must get myself off to pottery place it's been to long. And my little cupcakes are old enough to enjoy it now.
    Beautiful Singer luck you. I bet you get your Daddy a extra speical treat for fathers day now.
    Have a lovely weekend, speak soon sweetie.
    Catherine x

  11. I have an old Singer table with the wheel and pedal but alas, no machine for the top.

    That is one gorgeous machine.
    I could look at it forever.

  12. Gorgeous pottery Florence and love the tale of the car! xx

  13. You have the nicest Dad - how thoughtful he is. That machine is in extraordinarily good condition - lucky you! Love your pottery - what a fun thing for the kids to do.

  14. What a wonderful Dad you have?

    19 years ago when I stuffed all my worldly belongings in a knapsack and came to Canada I regretably left behind a sewing machine identical to this one! My heart strings have ached many times when I think of how lovely it was and that I just simply left it in a cupboard of the room I moved out of :(
    I used my machine a lot as it was the only one I had and we bonded, but alas here I am. I often think of the sewing basket that I left behind too. My Mum had bought it for me as a child and it was full of all the sewing essentials.It's horrible when you leave something behind and wish you hadn't. So! I wish you happiness with your machine and don't ever think of parting with it!

  15. What a wonderful father you have! :) That machine looks brand new - amazing. I like your son's eggcup. I have to admit that I looked up online to see what "egg & soldiers" referred to. The UK seems to have such fun sounding names for things. I think we just may have to treat ourselves to eggs and soldiers too.

  16. Wow - so many lovely things in this post. I don't know where to start! The pottery is beautiful (I especially love the eggcup) the Singer is spectacular!, and that little plate, bowl and cup set is just too gorgeous for words! Oh, and by the way, I am still using the cloths you sent me, and they make me smile every time I pick one up. Thank-you :)

  17. My mum has this sewing machine and it's going strong! I remember her making all my children's theatre costumes on it when I was little, and when I was pregnant she made curtains and cushions for O's nursery on it too. I think it was her Grandma's. It is so beautiful and makes the loveliest noise when the handle is turning and the material whirring through.

  18. What a lovely dad you have! Love the sewing machine!The egg cup and cupcake holder are really sweet.Hope your car behaves itself now it's been fixed!
    Rachel x

  19. Hello. Just writing to say that I have this sewing machine, in its wooden case. It was my mother's and she bought it during the war from a lady who needed the money. I used it to make my clothes and even stitched my sister's wedding dress on it, but alas, it is no longer used but it does work and very well too. How could anyone let it be sold at a carboot sale? I'd never let mine go, my husband threatens to remove it when I'm not looking but he knows how much it means to me. Enjoy it, its a thing of beauty!!
    Love the painted pottery, how proud you must be of their achievement, I have child envy as my son is a teenager, so enough said. Regards. Andrea


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