Puffed up heartyness

This week I have been experimenting with puff pastry. First I started off with some little squares containing leeks and walnuts, topped with goats cheese (below)...but the nuts weren't a popular ingredient with Dinosaur-boy, so today I tried out a red pepper and onion combination, and in an attempt to give it added child-appeal (and perhaps because I'd been feeling excited all day about the whole new avenues of fun that have been opened up to me by venturing into puff pastry) I cut the pastries into heart shapes before I cooked them.

The little Teacakes were delighted by them...and oh how lovely it is to be eating outdoors again!

When I haven't been dreaming about different shapes of pastry cutters I have been playing with the overlocker that my father (is there no end to the man's sewing goodness this week?) very kindly financed....the overlocker cost a little more than the £4 he spent on my other machine, but is equally wonderful. After a couple of sessions whizzing through scrap cotton remnants, I now have some Amy Butler under its foot that I am making into a kimono.

Threading an overlocker is every bit as hard as people make it out to be, but once it is finally threaded (my first attempt took a little over half an hour and it's decreasing all the time) it seems fairly simple to use, although far less easily controllable than a sewing machine....going around curves is problematic, but luckily kimonos tend to be straight-cut garments.

The other problem is that an overlocker (for those of you who aren't familiar with one) cuts your fabric as it overlocks it...meaning that extreme weight loss may be the only remedy for the shrinking size of the butchered garment should there be any error....but thankfully my first foray into overlocking was free from mistakes, so I will be off to the cake shop in the morning.


  1. well i have already had my tea but you've made me feel hungry again! yum...and i agree eating outdoors is the best!

    happy overlocking : ) my parents bought me mine too (for xmas a few years back) and i do like using it but i have an awful confession...i've never threaded it up! i just knot new threads onto the old and keep to white. i am bad. i must watch the instructional dvd i got with it. yeah right. no i really should. xxx

  2. when i learnt to sew with an industrial overlocker - knotting another thread onto the old is what we were told to do - anything to save time really.
    i'm very jealous - i want one so i can make leggings and t-shirts!!
    i used to find it very satisfying seeing the little pile of fabric trimmings at the end of a job!

  3. those puff pastry delights looks amazing. We are getting colder and colder here in Australia.

    I am lucky enough to have two overlockers - I thread one with black and one with white. Did you know that you can lower the cutting foot on your overlocker and it won't cut your fabric (it will just overlock) - check out the instructions - it can save a lot of fabric!!!!!!!! I have learnt from experience.

  4. I don't have an overlocker but I do cook with puff pastry! And we don't eat it outside just at the moment because it's a bit chilly. Mind you, 19 deg cel is not bad weather for winter!

    It all looks rather yummy - thanks for the ideas!

  5. Oh I have serger envy now...!

  6. Your dad is awesome.

    Those puff pastry dishes look delightful. I'm making a note to try those soon.

  7. Hi Florence,
    I agree it is so lovely to be eating outside... i so love this time of year.
    Good luck with your overlocker... an amazing bargain at £4. I am sure you know but when you want to change colour just snip the threads off near the cotton reels and tie in your new colours. You can then open the machine and gently pull through each thread slowly one at a time. The only one that can not be pulled through entirly is the one through the needle. just snip off the knot when you get to the needle and then rethread the needle. You need never rethread it again. Unless of course the thread breaks and then a long piece of thin wire is useful and the instructions!
    Have fun.
    ginny x

  8. This is not good Florence; I now am starving having read your blog! I so love pastry and particularly the puff variety. Pretty pictures too.

    Too scared of overlockers though you make it sound easy xx

  9. I love puff pastry! I used it for my first time this last year - great appetizers and people always think you spent so much more time on it than you actually did! Yours look great!

  10. Oh Florence, I know what you mean about threading the overlocker - My Mum in law gave me one and threaded it up for me - unfortunately my 2 year old daughter pulled the threads out - After half an hour of me and hubby trying to re-thread it, I was ready to throw it through the window - however, she is coming to visit us this weekend, so I will make sure she threads it up again before she leaves! - Natalie x

  11. Oh I do love a bit of puff pastry! One of my favourite recipes is slow cooked onions with balsamic vinegar on puff pastry, with feta cheese crumbled on top as it comes out of the oven. Mmmm!
    And you are so lucky with your new overlocker! (and I am wildly jealous :D) Looking forward to seeing all the lovely things you'll be making.

  12. I saw the puff pastry tarts on flickr and got instantly hungry!! Now if only I hadn't already planned the next tea... :D

  13. Oh I love a puff pastry tart! The little heart shaped ones are very cute.
    The new toy looks fabo, but complicated and a bit scarey!

  14. Mmmm I love puff pastry delights, and they are so easy to do & seem to taste extra delicious!
    Oohhh an overlocker, you lucky thing, it does looks completely scary to me ~ although obviously I would love to have one! Tee hee.
    Hope you are having fun with it.
    Alison x

  15. Hey well done for whizzing up a kimono on your new machine. That's impressive! I think on my first 'proper' go on an overlocker I'd probably stick to an easy peasy sun top. Where is the sun?

  16. Wow! What a nice father to finance this delightful toy!!! You go girl, sew your kimono while you eat pastry!

  17. I love the Kimono material would love to see a photo of the finished article.

  18. Hi Flossie,
    Congratulations, you won my taking a break competition! Just email me your address and I'll send it on to you.
    I love those puff pastry tarts, they look so tastey, I'll need to give them a go!


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