Late night feasting

When Zebra-girl was very small my mother and I set off to go out for dinner one night on a summers evening. As we looked back at my house we saw her waving to us through a crack in the curtains at her bedroom window...we walked half-way to the restaurant and then decided that she was actually far too delicious to leave at home and rang Ian to ask him to help her pick out a dress to wear so that we might dispense with our plan A and instead take her out for some late-night pudding. She was quite beside herself with excitement and we chose somewhere ridiculously frivolous and grown-up to take her. So every year we try to have a girls night out. Last night, dressed in pink polka dots she dined on a glass of warm milk and a chocolate fudge brownie and yawned her way to bed two hours past bedtime....but we all felt a little guilty as Dinosaur-boy is now old enough to understand what he might be missing out on, and I realised that I didn't want to encourage her to keep secrets from tonight Mr Teacakes, Grandfather Teacakes and Dinosaur-boy are on a boy's night out of their own and Dinosaur-boy looked just as dreamy and awe-struck as Zebra-girl had done all that time ago when presented for the first time with the prospect of late-night feasting.

Other delights have been a visit to the 3D Imax cinema at the Science Museum. Having been up to London two days running myself at the weekend, I felt slightly exhausted by the idea of going up for a third day, but that's what happens when you promise your children that you will take them to see The Fox and the Child locally without first checking that it is still actually being screened. My father accompanied us with a rucksack bursting with carefully packed treats that he might bring out to distract them with on the long train journeys. In the Imax we were given these huge plastic glasses to wear that were nearly as big as the faces of the little we watched sea creatures swim inches from our noses and waves come crashing up to our bodies Zebra girl spent much of her time reaching out, convinced that she might actually be able to feel the fish brush past her fingers. The voice over was by Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp and was both informative and magical.

Later we spent along time in the pattern pod where children can manipulate colours with their fingers on this kaleidoscope-like screen...their creations are then projected onto a huge screen in front of them that can be seen by the people going up and down the escalators in the Wellcome (sic) Wing.

We are visiting friends for the next couple of day and I am feeling increasingly anxious that it has now taken 12 days for my overseas order of fabrics to arrive...part of me wants to cancel all further activity and wait by window for red vans...I think I may feel compelled to kiss the Parcel Force man if he ever does turn up. I do hope he's bracing himself for that!


  1. Ooh - we're science museuming tomorrow - meeting up with a friend I haven't seen for 20 years and her kids. Sadly I have no adult assistance on the long train trips... Wish me luck!

  2. What a simply delicious idea - I can just imagine how magical I would have found it as a child to be told to put on a dress and go out for some late night dessert!!!! Makes me feel all goey just thinking about it. And so lovely that your son gets to do it too now. You've got me all inspired. Thank-you :)

  3. What wonderful fun for the children to go out for a grown up outing!

  4. Late night pudding! Now that's what I call a proper tradition - it simply wouldn't be the same if it was late night vegetables would it?

  5. I love the idea of a late night feast and chocolate brownie looks really tasty. I took my daughter to Pattisery Valerie last weekend for tea, and she loved it.


  6. I have always taken the little monkeys out for dinner in 'real' restaurants, partly because they are too lovely to leave at home, and partly because there is nothing nicer than watching them fancy food, and loving it!

    Hope Mr Posty turns up soon!

  7. What a lovely idea - I'm sure the children love to feel all grown up being taken out in the evening like that!
    Sounds like you had a lovely day in London. You've been very busy!
    Have a lovely time with your friends. And fingers crossed for that fabric delivery arriving before you go!

  8. the pattern pod looks like fun.
    So nice for your children to have special treats with you. Have a good few days visiting and please pop over to my blog as there is an award waiting for you.
    ginny xxx

  9. oh i just adore zebra girls polka dots! and what a lovely inspiring mummy you are, makes me look forward to having a similar tradition with my little one when she's old enough, if we may copy your lovely idea.
    Have a great week Florence! xx

  10. Have you thought that the PostMan might be deliberately holding onto the parcel to increase his chances?

  11. What a beautiful story. I can just see the little face at the window and imagine this little girl wishing she could go. It speaks volumes that you thought her too delicious to leave behind. Lovely you and lucky zebra girl.


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