I so love this fabric. One of our local shops makes absolutely beautiful curtains and is cavern-like with it's fabric-covered walls and drapes thrown over every surface...the average price for a metre of fabric in there seems to be around £70, but they do have a wonderful remnants bin (which obviously is the only section I allow myself to look in). Recently I found this striped fabric, originally priced at £42.50 per metre. I came away with 1.7 metres for an awful lot less than that - and its selvedge is so beautiful that I'm almost tempted to work it into a project somehow.

Well over a year ago I also bought from there this beautiful silk - it is a huge piece, enough to make one side of an eiderdown (that word was for you Mrs Molly Cupcakes!) or double quilt with....but I feel quite terrified to use is it as its original retail price, before it found its way into the remnant basket, was more expensive than I could possibly have believed, so there are downsides to having such precious fabrics! I'm interested to know what kind of quilt wadding do you use for machine quilting, how do you decide which to use and (not for this project, but more for cottons) what kind of wadding is it that once washed gives the fabric that old and crinkled look?
The little Teacakes both had friends round to play today, the mother of one of whom came to collect her daughter and gave me two wonderful large marrows fresh from her garden. I wondered what I might use them in and quickly decided I would like to make some soup.

It was ready just in time for the children's teatime and both declared it the best soup they'd ever tasted and asked if they could have it every night. I was more than a little delighted by this, as Dinosaur-boy especially, isn't always complimentary about his suppers and the sight of a risotto being served has been known to reduce him to tears.

After googling for information on how best to prep a marrow, this is the recipe I created from the other things that we had in the cupboards that seemed to be generally regarded as being complimentary to marrow.

1 large marrow
1 onion
3 sticks of celery
2 cloves of garlic
1 potato (peeled)
3 handfuls of spinach
4 vegetable Oxo cubes
1 knob of butter
1 good slug of semi-skimmed milk
Salt & pepper

1. Peel and de-seed the marrow and cut into small 1cm cubes
2. Chop the onion, potato and sticks of celery into small pieces
3. Press the cloves of garlic
4. Make 1 pint of stock using the four vegetable Oxo cubes
5. Boil all of the above ingredients together in the stock in a large pan for 20 minutes, adding generous amounts of Cumin, paprika, nutmeg, salt & pepper.
6. Turn the heat off, add the spinach and stir in until wilted
7. Blend the soup in spurts for no more than 20 seconds to produce a roughly textured, thick soup.
8. Add a knob of butter and stir until melted
9. Pour in a slug of milk and stir.
10. Serve topped with fresh herbs or a swirl of cream (we had neither of these, but I imagined them - of course it looked fantastic!) and crusty bread.

And finally I leave you with a picture of my little Zebra-girl. I came into her room this morning to find her arranging her skirt around her in a giant circle - how lovely she looked: a small little body and head with a smiling rosy face in the middle of all that beautiful fabric.


  1. Jeepers! I have to sit down; really gorgeous fabrics and some delicious soup (I LOVE soup) in one post. Phew!


  2. Oh such a gorgeous picture of your little girl Florence. I have many of a similar ilk of my own grils and it quite brought a lump to my throat.

  3. Thanks for the Marrow tip - I always end up making stuffed marrow and really, I'm the only one that likes it.

    The rest of the family thank you heartily for rescuing them from it.

  4. oh i think that's exactly what i'd do if i had a skirt like's crying out to be arranged : ) i bet it does a fabulous twirl too! x

    p.s. great fabrics and soup by the way. i'll definitely note down your recipe to try out!

  5. A beautiful little girl so proud of her zebra skirt, and rightly so!
    Loved the fabric and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipe for marrow soup! I, too, usually make stuffed marrow so this will be a lovely change especially for when the evenings are starting to get a little chilly!

  6. That is the most beautiful fabric. And thanks for the recipe - I'm never quite sure what to do with a marrow (stuffed and baked doesn't appeal) but the soup sounds fabulous. The picture of your little girls is lovely!

  7. Lovely fabric, and i see what you mean about that silk in every way! Beautiful but scary .. very scary! Zebra's skirt is beautiful too (I can see some very nice re-purposing projects when she grows out of it!)

  8. Is a marrow a large zucchini? It looks a lot like one. I put them in everything - stir fries, on pizza and of course soup. That recipe looks good - thanks! I absolutely adore that swirly skirt - so very summery and pretty! The fabric is all lovely and as for batting, I just discovered that if you are machine quilting you need a batting that has a scrim. This stabilises the batting. You don't need it for hand quilting. I find that if I wash my quilts and tumble dry them they go all crinkly.

  9. This soup looks amazing and very tastey! And that fabric looks so special, any ideas of what you plan to use it for?

  10. Love that stripey fabric, the colours are just gorgeous! And I wish I could have a twirly skirt like that too! :)

  11. sweet last photo. lovely rose print too. we are dreaming roses at the moment as we are decorating my eldest daughters room with lots of roses as that is her middle name and she loves roses.
    soup looks good too - must find myself a friend with a marrow!!
    happy weekend lovely teacakes x

  12. I love that duck egg blue fabric. It is absolutely divine. I too would be scared to cut into it. Perhaps you could have a little trial run with the wadding and make some cushion covers or similar?

  13. Marrow soup sounds great - I adore soups of every variety, and the children are likewise enthusiastic, so I'll give this one a try.

    Lovely photo of your zebra girl, and gorgeous fabrics too!

  14. How enchanting Princess Zebra looks in her garden of roses. How I wish I still had a little girl to dress in frills and flounces.

  15. The skirt is so cheery and twirly... I really love the flowery/Lacey combination...Very pretty.

  16. Zebra girl and her skirt remind me of one of those dollies that you put over a toilet roll.....but more beautiful!


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