A flexible addiction....

Thank you so much for all your comments on my somewhat wordy last post on verbosity last week...they were all appreciated and it was so nice to have such warm encouragement to warble on still further. Giles...you see, you just didn't get it (see end of last post for recap on who Giles is).

The week before last, I was asked to make some glasses cases...which started an almost unhealthy addiction to the making of them. What a lovely idea I thought and then anxiously ordered five flex frames from Lovely Lisa, wondering whether I would actually be capable of making them (this currently seems to be the starting point for most of my endeavors), but thinking that if I could, then I may also make a couple for the craft fair that I'm doing at the end of November to make the postage costs worthwhile.

Well, the delicious flexes arrived and their flexing was so satisfying and their small chromey bits so shiny...and they have proved to be the most perfect reincarnation in another form for the the style of the teabag holders that I make...and I have been having so much fun making them that less than a week after the first purchase, I placed a repeat order, asking Lisa to stop me if I tried to buy any more...but then a friend came visiting while the second batch were being created and asked if I might make one for her mother and another for her little boy (with a crab on....gosh, glasses cases for children opens up even more avenues of fun)....which meant that a third order had to be placed...and it is never economical to order just two of something...so I now have rather an abundance of glasses cases for the craft fair and the ones pictured are just the tip of the iceberg...I have since ventured into many more fabric types and colourways.

I have also been making up vast quantities of stockings. Four of the ones pictured were for custom orders...but again, the surplus are stock for my table at the fair.

Making things for a fair is a strange thing indeed....most of the time I am propelled by thoughts of: I have a 6ft table to fill, I must make large quantities of everything to avoid having only an expanse of white table cloth with a teabag holder in the centre...but then another part of me niggles away, wondering at the knowledge that these weeks of frenzied activity may result in a wet squid of an evening where I sell nothing and fail to cover even the cost of my table. I am regularly having to send a large (but thankfully entirely imaginary) JCB through my head to shovel these thoughts to one side. Although for the most part I'm feeling generally more positive about it after one of my dearest friends, who knows me very well, offered to accompany me to it, instinctively guessing that I would be close to hyperventilating every time I thought about standing behind my table of stitchery alone...so if nothing else we will spend the entire evening giggling and I would happily pay the table fee for that.

But as of last night my stitchery is all being done from a different desk; an early Christmas present. For the last couple of years I have worked on a tiny old school desk (I think it's in my sidebar somewhere) with irritatingly inaccessible storage in the form of a lift-up lid, and barely room to either side of the machine to put a pin cushion....but my father (yes, giver and finder of so many lovely sewing-related things) happened upon this desk...possibly the smallest, but most perfectly formed desk with drawers in the world...and it even has a pull-out paper rest. It is 35" wide...but the room to put a pin cushion and a bag of fabric marker pens and measuring gauges next to me while I sew feels like a whole new level of luxury.


  1. Hi Florence,
    you have no need to worry.. your items are so lovely and all beautifully made... i am sure you will do really well. The hardest thing is getting the pricing right really. You have a variety of different price points which is good. I really like the glasses cases. I like that you make such useful yet still very pretty items.
    thought you may like to know that my date with the postie is booked in for tomorrow.oh and our date for the new year sounds great too.
    lots of love to you.
    Ginny xx

  2. Florence - Good luck with your craft fair. I don't think you need to worry about it, the things you created are always lovely and people surely want to buy them. What you need to worry about, however, is if you bring enough products with you to fill the table when the fair is half way through. I haven't participated the fair myself but was told that people don't want to buy anything from a sparsely displayed table, thinking all the good things are already gone, however the remaining itmes are good. So pack everything, perhaps more than you think you could sell, your cards and other accessories to fill the empty space on your table and tell us how sucessfully it went. Chloe Patricia

  3. Ooooh I LOVE the glasses cases and I sooo need one for my new sunglasses. I think you will be hugely successful at the stall and I can only imagine how incredibly lovely you will be to all your customers. Enjoy!!

  4. Those glasses cases look great.
    And ... hooray for special sewing spaces. We all need one of those.
    Andi :-)

  5. Hello Florence,
    Beautiful things for people to buy at the fair - how can you fail? The glasses cases are inspired and so very pretty. What a great idea for children to have one too. Your new desk is a thing of beauty too. I have one that my Grandmother used when she sewed in the thirties with many little drawers to hold those tiny sewing things in and it reminds me of her every time I sit at it. Good luck with the fair xx

  6. Hi Florence, your glass cases are GORGEOUS!!! And what a thought, glass cases for kids! I can think of all sorts of possibilities too, especially for boys who it always seems harder to find nice things for. Good luck at the craft fair, I'm sure you will have an empty table with only a solitary teabag holder left soon after setting up because there will probably be a buying frenzy for your stuff!! Which will leave the afternoon free for lots of girly catchup in the nearest coffee shop or possibly, with the proceeds, more fabric shopping! Have fun. x

  7. Good luck with the fair (I had obviously got the date wrong :) I think it's hard to tell in advance what kind of fair it will be, but everyone was right when they said 'small things'. I took big things as well, and they were admired, but it was small stuff that sold. The glasses cases are perfect, I think, in several ways :)

  8. good luck with the fair, those glasses cases are gorgeous

    April xx

  9. I am feeling happily smug that I had a 'made by florence' stocking first! :) Really hope the fair goes well, the glasses cases are so pretty! Love your sewing table, its perfect isn't it xx

  10. Those glasses cases are SO pretty! Hope the fair goes well. I think Chloe Patricia makes a good point re the empty table. Not that I am trying to put pressure on you! OOPS!

  11. Those glasses cases look so pretty all stacked together (and how satisfying to have made a 'stack' of anything!). I definitely found that it was the smaller things that sold best, so I'm sure they will go down a storm.

  12. Hi Florence - I had made a few glasses cases for Christmas Fairs with those springy clips, and yours look lovely!
    Good luck with your upcoming fair!

  13. I never write 'OMG' in my comments but I think this might be the moment..OMG!!I have been looking for those flex frames for years..if only I'd known what they were really called. Thank you so much for the link. And I know exactly how you feel about the Craft fair..you imagine you are going to sell everything and then nothing when the real outcome is somewhere in between.
    I hope you do well.
    Have a good weekend.

  14. Sorry forgot to say how lovely your glasses cases are.

  15. hey, i came over from girl number twenty. i love your blog, super cute! i hope you have a ton of fun at the craft fair. your cases are beautiful!

  16. oooh your glass cases are gorgeous!! Cath Kidston will be jealous!

  17. Hi, if you have time (I know your busy with craft fairs) there's an award and tag on my blog for you.
    Joanne xx

  18. The glasses cases look great, well done.

  19. Good luck with everything Florence. Your things really do look lovely.

  20. Hi Florence, I often read your blog and love your beautiful sewing and way with words. I make things to sell at craft fairs, I say 'things' because they range from sewing to knitting to paper crafts. I can totally appreciate how difficult it is to balance out creativity, family life and house duties. I've got my 5th fair of the month on Saturday, I usually only do one a month so I've been busy crafting all month. One thing is for certain; you'll get lots of lovely comments and I'm sure lots of sales too. Good luck!

  21. Hi Florence, you need to pop some in your shop I have just started wearing contacts and take my glasses everywhere in my handbag!

  22. Hi Florence,
    Your glasses cases are great!
    Don't worry about the craft fair, i'm sure you will do fine! Just enjoy yourself and try not to spend too much on other stalls! I used to swap items with others at the end of the day!
    On another note! Where did you get your cotton reel holder you have on the wall?
    I have been searching for one for ages and have not been able to find one other than a small plastic table top one.

  23. Such a lovely blog, so happy to have "discovered" you. The glass cases are only beautiful, and I must check out your shop...

  24. Hi
    what great glass cases you have made...they are so pretty
    the colours are gorgeous


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