Crimes against the handmade

As with fabrics and clothes, sometimes I come across something - in this case a colour - that I love so much that I feel a burning desire to buy up vast amounts of it so that my supplies of it might never be depleted. In this case it was some olivey-green tissue paper from Paperchase. I seem to remember that as I stood in front of the racks of paper, Sensible Florence and Loopy Florence had a conversation about stockpiling (there have been jumpers...there have been well as numerous other undisclosed obsessions), and unfortunately I managed to convince myself that bulk-buying was not necessary in this case and that I must have faith that lovely things will always be on the shelves. So imagine my frustration, with only half a sheet left in my possession, on arriving at the shop only to be told that they were having problems with their supplier and they didn't know whether they would EVER have any of the beautiful green tissue paper in again! Thank goodness I thought to photograph some in action. I would really love one of the memo boards that I've made so many times for other people, as it would be nice to have snippets of things up that please me, without the commitment of putting it in a frame (which in this case would just be quite odd)....but somehow I never seem to get around to making things for me.

I seem to remember that someone made a comment about cat beds needing to be washable. When I'd made them I'd been in such a rush to provide bedding for the new cats that I'd been rather lax and not pre-washed any of the fabric or even checked the fillings for laundering instructions. However, due to a cat doing something utterly unmentionable in one of their beds yesterday (Why?! Could she possibly have chosen an act that would offend me more than to wee on her handmade bed?! I have no idea what could have prompted such a thing from a perfectly litter-trained cat who is normally so fastidiously tidy and clean) the washing of one of them was necessitated. I am delighted to report that the bed was washed and then tumble-dried in less than two hours, seemingly with no ill effects or shrinkage, which thankfully went some way towards alleviating my desire to throttle the cat (for despite being a committed vegetarian for the past 27 years, my thoughts toward the perpetrator were most uncharitable and a roasting pan was a temporary consideration).

Thank you for all your well wishes for my tonsillitis...which is improving, but sinusitis seems to be taking its place - I had avoided taking the antibiotics that I'd been given, but as I would like to be able to move my head without the need to suppress yelps of pain, I may just open them tonight. However, despite the pain, somehow I don't feel too bad in myself and we have managed trips to the swimming pool and lots of time with friends. My only regret is that we have arranged to catch up with so many people that we no longer have a day reserved for pajamas and baking...I am looking forward to the Easter holidays already. I hope you are having fun if you have your babes off this week...or fun even if you don't. x


  1. Dude, take the drugs! There is no one, and I mean NO ONE that is more against antibiotics then me, but sinusitis is BAD, and it is reacuring. Trust me on this one, you do not want to be plagued with this several times, snifle, snifle... Get well soon. Danielle

  2. Oh Florence, I so understand the desire to throttle a loved pet! Our 6mth old puppy spent Christmas holidays with our lovely neighbours and their similarly aged puppies and has come home with some horribly destructive habits that unfortunately make me want to throttle her on a daily basis! Thank goodness she is beautiful and loyally keeps me company in my office all day whilst I work. It's a pity I can't put destroyed items in the washer and have them come our magically healed!
    Take care of yourself.


  3. Dear Florence
    So sorry to hear you are poorly, lots of herbal teas and treats for you - and may paperchase replenish their olive tissue paper stock soon! I adore that shop, I managed to dash into the one in covent garden briefly when we were back in England, but didn't have time to browse, only just time to gasp at all the loveliness. The cat bed is so gorgeous! tasteful pet accessories are so hard to find, perhaps this could be a new addition to your shop, a 'pets corner'? get well soon, char xxx

  4. Well if you do take the drugs remember to finish the whole course. That's my finger wagging out of the way.

    Poor kitten. It's called middening if you want to look it up, and it might be a territorial issue, or if you used a different cleaning product in the tray, or she might have decided she doesn't want to share the tray. I can only say - at least she didn't wee in your bed... Bit difficult to get a kingsize mattress in a washing machine :)

  5. Poor love! I hope you are staying an and getting lots of TLC.

    I think I can help with a stockist of olive tissue paper (they also have a squillion other colours).

    Beans loves bringing mud onto his bed as soon as it is out of the dryer - love him (grr!)

    Get well soon XX

  6. Erm that link didn't work too well.

    Hopefully this will work:


  7. Jenny, Liverpool UK

    Did you use bio washing powder on the stinky bed? It's the best thing for getting animal stinks out of anything (and therefore discourages re-marking). We used it to mop the floor when the dog was a dirty puppy!

  8. If a normally litter trained cat starts to pee out side the box it can be a sign of a UTI, or other urinary area problem. If she continues then you might want to have the vet check it out.


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