A cushion...and an unplanned rant...

On the last day before half-term I finally managed to finish the front to a cushion that I've been making as a birthday gift for someone who loves all things Wizard of Oz. With an awareness that what delights a child at 4, might not hold the same appeal at 7, I tried to suggest at Toto and red slipper loveliness, without the references being so overt that it will have to be relegated to the loft once the Dorothy obsession has passed - although does it ever really pass? I know my sister & I still feel that a pair of red shoes has a magic about them that even a pair of more neutral-coloured Emma Hope's can't touch.

So Toto has been reincarnated in flowers and spots with a different collar and fabric colour combination for each dog. I imagined that choosing a favourite could be a relaxing pastime when sleep is elusive.

It was a little brighter than I expected...but actually, when I laid it on Zebra-girl's bed mid-construction I realised that it would have fitted in perfectly in her room (so removed it before she noticed this and asked to keep it for herself).

On the dog theme, we went to see Hotel for Dogs yesterday (despite it opening to reviews that suggest it's a little dull). I thought that the Teacakes might like it as the trailer reminded me of a film called Benji that I loved as a small child. It was actually quite good, which is saying something as on the whole I have issues with modern day children's films (which is why my children have a rather pre-historic dvd collection based around The Railway Children, Morph, Button Moon & Peppa Pig) in that the makers have created animated characters that tend to all talk to each other in an aggressive way laden with 'attitude'. As well as this, they tend to be splattered with inappropriate references (The Magic Roundabout would suggest that isn't a new thing...and yes, we do have a copy in our collection of permitted viewing!) but they've actually allowed the references to seep into the characters' behaviour, which while it may not be understood, may well be mimicked by those watching. We were amazed on putting on Toy Story a year ago, which I'd always assumed was a DVD aimed solely at children to find two of the characters acting in the most nauseatingly flirtatious way (and that is an understatement) toward one another. The meaning of the behaviour might go over the audiences' heads...but I certainly wouldn't want to see my children impersonating it.

Hmmm, now where did that rant come from? Perhaps I need to have an extra half-hour in bed and wake with less of a chip against Disney on my shoulder. Oh dear. Sorry. Climbing down from the soapbox that seems to have unexpectedly been erected, I hope that you all have lovely weekends. x


  1. Hi Florence - I'm a Grandma now and I so agree with you about kids' DVDs etc. There does seem to be so much 'attitude' like you say - they're often not very nice to each other.
    When my 7 year old Granddaughter came to stay last year, she wanted to watch Tracy Beaker, and after 5 mins I switched it off - I thought their behaviour was awful!
    Oh no! You've got me ranting too now!! Regards, Miriam

  2. Hi, It is surprising what being a parent makes you see in shows and even books. I threw Hansel and Gretel out after readin it once to DD1 because it frightened her so much. Milo and Otis, which is meant to be a movie for young children is totally inappropriate - they just worry about the characters not having parents to hug and none of my children have ever sat through that movie in their childhood with tears coursing down their faces. Good on you for having standards. Cherrie

  3. There are some of Hayao Miyazaki's movies that I let my daughter watch, Totoro, although it has lots of worry in it, their mother is in the hospital, Mei getting lost, I think it is a 'good' children's movie. And Kiki's Delivery Service is also one of my daughter's favorites.

  4. I just wanted to say that your cushion is gorgeous.
    No rant from me today!
    Andi :-)

  5. Hello Florence. Lovely cushion which sort of lights up on the scree (if you know what I mean!).

    I do agree with you about the films, though I think I sometimes romanticise some of the older ones. The Wizard of Oz alwyas terrified me as a child and still makes me feel very unsettled. Now the Railiway Children...just perfect. Happy rest of half term xx

  6. ooh Florence, can an obsession with red sparkly shoes ever dwindle? In time they just grow heels! I agree with you about some of the kids tv characters, I used to notice a marked deteriation of character if J watched too many cartoons when he was little. xx

  7. Love the quilt and cushion.
    I have nominated you for a Kreative Blogger Award on my blog x


  8. What a gorgeous cushion! Beautiful!

  9. That cushion is just beautiful. Gorgeous.


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