Bags upon bags...

Last week was Bag Making Week. I literally didn't stop, and every time I'd finish one I found that I'd found the whole bag making process so delightful that I'd pick up the next set of pattern pieces and recommence sewing immediately.

There's something so satisfying about seeing a bag come together. Two of them are being posted off to their new owners this afternoon and the rest will go into my shop when I've taken proper photos of them, written descriptions of them, and then persuaded Mr Teacakes to give up an evening to load them on to my site for could take some time!

These coat hooks are normally a source of frustration as, for such a simple item, they fail to do an adequate job of retaining what's just been hooked on them...but horay, they are such good bag holders! So here are two more...

Baggage aside, let me tell you about this wonderfully named Dragon Fruit, whose strange tough outer skin is indeed reminiscent of a dragon's, or at least the flames that he might breath. I bought some of these for the Teacakes purely because of their name (yes, I'm a sucker for good marketing) and they loved them...

...until Mr Teacakes came home and said that the insides reminded him of Frogspawn...which made us considerably less enamoured with them. Either way, definitely worth trying.

So many other lovely things to blog about, but somehow so little time, so I shall be back soon. This afternoon, as well as a trip to the post office (I mourn the local one that closed down every time I go to do this errand), holds the making of more bags and who knows what other sorts of fun.

Wishing you all a happy Monday. x


  1. Lovely bags! I have just found your blog and it is inspiring for a new sewer like me!

  2. They are very lovely Florence. Well done for such a productive week (most unlike my day today which has seen me leave the sewing room in despair...grrr!). xx

  3. My partner loves that dragon fruit, but I can't eat it! I am allergic to Kiwi and have to be VERY careful about what fruit I go near!

    The insides of this reminds me of a chiramoya, or custard apple.

    Scrumptious bags, btw!!!

  4. These are lovely bags Florence. The fabrics are so nice! I love the style too. These are the best bags you have made. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your blog - thanks. I am a regular reader but we aren't all bloggers; some of us just prefer to have a good read. Your blog is beautiful to look at,(gorgeous photos of beautiful and pretty things, painstakingly and perfectly made) and a pleasure to read. Nice that I can still comment - on some blogs this means I can't as I have no on-line ID.

  5. Love the bags,beautiful fabrics .You've been very busy!
    Rachel x

  6. Those are lovely bags with very nice gentle shape. What's the big rosy fabric, that is very pretty.

  7. These are all inspiring, as usual. Love the brown and white one the best. I feel like I recognize the fabric designer but can't recall her name.

  8. Your bags are gorgeous, I have just made my first ever bag, it is just a simple tote and is a bit wonky but its a start! Hopefully I can progress to something lovely like yours x

  9. You've been so productive! The bags are lovely - I really like the panelled shape on them, and the handle length looks just right. Gorgeous fabric choices as always too! Not sure about the fruit now that you've planted the idea of frogspawn, though the dragon qualities would likely appeal to the small people in the house.

  10. Beautiful Bags! Great Work. We have been trying out wird fruit too. I just postedd on star fruit today. I will have to try a dragon fruit. Though your hubby is right it does look like frog spawn. haha. We also tried an ugly fruit or a unique fruit. And It was similar to an orange. :) Lovely Blog :)

  11. what bag is this, it is perfect, i have a addiction for bags and now i bought my sewing machine i can make my own without hubby complaining. I have never been to ikea for fabric is the selection any good too, as we have no fabric shops that are any good near us. love the blog too!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bags. I have to say I am a 'one faithful bag forever'type of girl but I think I'd even branch out and have a whole colour range of your bags, one for each day of the week!! They look so perfect and comfortable!


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