Painting, eating, breaking and making eggs

Easter weekend found the Teacake household a hive of activity and mess. While the little Teacakes and I blew eggs, dyed them (somewhat unsuccessfully - how much food colouring must one use to achieve even the softest pink glow?! - I remember the ones that I made with my own mother as a child being almost maroon!) and then painted them at the dining table, Mr Teacakes took over the breakfast bar constructing a contraption needed for a competition at work on Tuesday - namely who can throw an egg from a 3rd floor window and get it to reach the ground without it breaking. An elaborate contraption using cardboard, a cats cradle of shock-absorbing elastic bands and a parachute has been made and repeatedly flown down from our bathroom window to whoops of delight as we discover that yet again the egg has remained intact...we began to wonder whether the egg was faulty, with a strangely unbreakable outer shell.

So here are our eggs. We visited Grandmama's house for tea on Sunday and hung them on her Easter Tree.

Other things causing mess and mayhem was the hand-making of chocolate Easter eggs. Somewhat selfishly I chose to save this activity until after the small ones had gone to bed as I knew that, never having done them before, but always having wanted to, I would want to be control-freaky about the finished result and didn't want to inflict my pained grimaces and helpful suggestions upon the children as they tried to get on with the joyful business of whooshing chocolate across the room. But really, I should have been more relaxed and let them in on the fun as they were, for me at least, impossibly difficult to get right and resembled a child-like creation in the end anyway. Three layers of chocolate must be built up and allowed to dry in the moulds to make the shells thick enough to remain whole when taken from their plastic was only after making and then breaking six eggs that I discovered that the final act of separating them from their moulds could be completely painless if they were left in the fridge to harden for a good couple of hours, rather than an impatient 15 minutes...but no matter, for one must eat what cannot be salvaged.

I began to feel rather professional when I attempted mixing white and brown chocolates to give a swirly outer shell...but the wonkyness of the edges, the rocky terrain of the interiors and the inability of the two halves to be stuck together hints at the fact that a true chocolatier had not had a hand in their making.
This was Mr Teacake's Easter Egg - we have become somewhat obsessed with Jelly Beans since realising that they don't actually contain gelatine as we had previously assumed.
I hope that you all had lovely restful long weekends and that the Easter Bunny gave generously. x


  1. HI Florence! Sounds like you have had a very eggciting Easter! The egg throwing contraption sounds particularly intriguing! I once saw some little chicks who's eggs had been injected with dye before they hatched. When they hatched, the chicks were multi-coloured! blue, purple and red I seem to remember, with their little legs being particularly vibrant shades of the colours their egg had been dyed with!!! they didn't seem to mind or have suffered any ill effects! xx

  2. Fab eggs... both blown and chocolate. I seem to remember dying blown eggs with onion skins? We decided to save that one for next year!


  3. Hello Florence, it soulds like that you have had a wonderful Easter weekend. Your egg ornaments are lovely, but I especially like chocolate eggs. I would like to make one, too, although I wonder where I can obtain the egg shape moulds in Japan. Thank you. Chloe Patricia

  4. I loved jelly beans as a youngster but now I don't eat them because of the gelatine [I thought]. Are they any particular make you found as I want one now!

  5. Hi Greedy Nan- Actually we've found that Marks & Spencer's Jelly Beans and the Jelly Belly ones don't contain gelatine - perhaps they've changed their recipes.

    Chloe Patricia - I'm not sure where you can get them in japan, but perhaps this company might ship internationally?
    I haven't bought anything from them myself, but I love the look of some of the things that they've got on there!

  6. Those hand made chocolate eggs look scrummy - I'd love to have a go at that some time.

  7. sounds like you had a lovely easter with the the little teacakes - beautiful painted eggs, and your handmade eggs look delicious! why didn't any of our career advisers in school mention that one could become a chocolatier?
    sorry i missed your call yesterday, am so looking forward to a chat xx

  8. Ah yes, the memories of egg dying with our children come flooding back. That was way back in the Eighties - eek! This Easter we were blessed to have all six grandchildren here in Brisbane to celebrate with us - we have such priceless images which will remain with us forever.

  9. Fabulous eggs and such fun to do aren't they!

  10. Sounds like you've had fun with the Easter activities. Do tell - how did Mr Teacakes fare in the competition?
    Hope you had a lovely Easter xx


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