Friday, 1 May 2009

On eyebrows and other things...

I can't tell you how much I love seeing this little bowl of appliques sitting on top of my sewing drawers ready to be positioned, repositioned and then decided upon without all the trauma of having to get fabrics and threads all over the's all been taken care of in one large messy session that now seems a distant memory. Some of them have been used on a batch of teabag holders that are now stacked up against the bowl. I've gone for different colours this while there are still lots of pinks...

...there are also some of the olivey-limey colours that I talked about having fallen in love with in my last post (in the form of Orla Keily mugs), as well as some in blue. I feel like my pink-obsession has finally reached a plateau where I almost resemble a normal person with varied tastes.

Well almost normal, for here are some more pink ones.

When I finally finished sewing the labels on to my teabag holders and taking all the photos of them for my shop this afternoon (Horay! These things never take as long as I expect and there are now twelve new ones ripe for the picking well as some new make-up bags here...I actually have more still to photograph, but one must break one's mountainous tasks into bite-size pieces if one is to avoid collapsing on the floor in a useless heap), I used the last hour of my day before picking up the children to fill a photo frame that my Mama had very kindly bought for me as a 'just because' gift from The White Company. We have family photographs absolutely everywhere and I suddenly felt as though I wanted something different to go in this frame and my mind was still very much on the completely dreamy Anna Maria Horner fabric that I'd received yesterday so it felt like this may be a good thing to put in. From top clockwise: some of Mrs Butler's finest, a little bit of Heather Bailey, some more Amy Butler for good measure and then the Anna Maria Horner loveliness. I find that sweets always look more tempting when lined up with others, if only because it makes the one that you crave the most stand out like the iced gem on top of the biscuit base...I'm finding the same may be true of fabrics, so yes, for this week only (because normally my love for them is unwavering) AB & HB are making the AMH print look even more wonderful.

I found that the easiest way to get the fabrics to sit perfectly straight and flat was to spray mount them to some cardboard and then iron them before putting them into the frame. I was unsure about whether heating cardboard up in this way posed a fire-risk, but feeling that this method would achieve perfect flatness, I'm ashamed to say that I threw caution to the wind and whacked the heat up as high as it would go. I'm delighted to report that all is fine and I am still in possession of my eyebrows (which incidentally are newly 'threaded' - this may sound to the uninitiated as though I have quite inexplicably attached myself to my bobbin case, but no, a proper explanation lies here, and my eyebrows have never looked quite so neat and groomed. Sorry lovelies - you know who you are - they suddenly felt unmanageable and I just couldn't wait. Please forgive me).

So here it is what looks to be a very odd angle. We actually have the standard variety of vertical wall, even though you may be under the impression that our walls are sloping - I hadn't realised at the time what an odd camera angle this is. I put this picture frame up myself. Mr Teacakes has agreed that we won't take it down until we are ready to move house so that he need never see the horrors of broken and missing plaster that lie behind it, the product of my mis-hammering.

Happy long weekends to all. x


  1. Wow Florence you're up late! The framed fabric is such a perfectly Florence thing to do, and looks stunning. Which reminds me - I have fabric purchases to show you! Have a lovely weekend, love Beltunia xx (I just wrote a post about nicknames!)

  2. Everything is so pretty... just beautiful.

  3. I'm still fainting at the thought of "threaded" eyebrows. However, I have now picked myself up off the floor and am drooling over your framed fabrics. Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler happen to be the fabrics I use the most, so I simply love what you have done with them.

  4. I nearly had mine done yesterday on a whim, but you had to make an appointment (the cheek!) so I completely forgive you :)

    I sigh at your productivity...

  5. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who frames fabric! I have also used it to cover a 'frame' so it's just a large rectangle of fabric hanging on the wall. Works for me!

    Your work is very beautiful - so classy and stylish.

    Have a great weekend. :-)

  6. How sweet, simply adorable! xxx

  7. ooh Florence, I am INTRIGUED by the threading ... I am an expert plucker myself, but I could never work out how the thread doesn't just pull the whole eyebrow out! Fascinating stuff. And lovely things for the shop. And lovely frame too ... x

  8. I love these!! So pretty and they involve tea!!! What more could a woman ask for????

  9. Oooh you took the plunge. I am a little disappointed you didn't blog your eyebrows though so that we can all see the results. I need a serious bit of pruning myself at the moment.

    Love the framed fabrics - that Amy Butler print at the top is one of my all time favourites.

  10. Well, you really do learn something new everyday.
    Threading! Who knew?
    The framed fabric looks great. Mind if I copy?


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