Playing smallfoot...

Somehow it seems to be May, but for this blog post I'm rewinding to something that Lisa asked me to make for her back in December as a Christmas gift for her lovely man, Al. Due to Royal Mail having a few problems it actually missed being with Lisa & Al by nearly four whole months and after finding its way back to me, it was eventually handed over in person, rather than risk resending it and facing anymore mishaps...which while irritating, was very happily combined with eating cake and going fabric shopping together, along with Joanne & Helen. Such hardship.

The Christmas before last I had made this notebook cover for Mr Teacakes. I'm guessing that every guitar-strumming, lyric-writing man has his own name for his songwriting while Mr Teacake's book has been referred to as a 'lyrical pad' or 'book of lyricals' ever since I've known him, Lisa was very specific that Al's should be a 'Groovy Tunes' pad. I love that for most songwriters there is one place that holds all these thoughts in them...the thoughts that aren't expressed in every day conversation.

In theory Ian's lyric pad is sacrosanct...but rather wickedly the children and I occasionally write messages to him in there. Luckily these make him laugh more than they make him want to chase us around the house with a fork.

Anyway, I was so pleased when Lisa asked me if I would be happy to make one of these notebook covers as the guitar applique is one of the things that I have most enjoyed designing. And I loved doing it a second time around even more...for a whole sewing year has passed and I felt more confident in how to make it this time. It's amazing how much you change the way that you sew over the course of a year... Mr Teacakes noticed this too and was a little less delighted by this improvement than I was.

Oddly though, the week before Lisa asked me to make this for her, I had made Mr Teacakes a second covered notebook as one of his Christmas presents, this time based around his other love: playing football. For Ian this cannot be confined to a 'football season' - his love for it is so great that this is a year-round activity and he can be found meeting for friendly games even when there are a couple of inches of snow on the ground or the pitch is completely frozen. On his return I had noticed that the first thing he would do was race upstairs and write down on scraps of paper the stats for each game of how many goals had been scored and by whom. So for Christmas I decided to make him a small notepad cover so that he had an official score book. Unable to cope with the maths of creating a black and white ball with hexagons on it, I decided to try to recreate a Subbuteo football figure on its wobbly base, which is particularly pertinent as I tease him that he is off to jouer au babyfoot when he goes out (there's something about the term that we both find utterly delightful - perhaps because in English it conjures such amusing images of small-footed men racing up and down the pitch)...but actually Subbuteo is nearer to the real babyfoot. His shirt does have his name on above the number, but you can't see that in the photograph.

Anyway, back to the present: I have so many ideas for things that I want to sew this week, that after a lovely 3-day weekend, I have many plans for things that I am hoping to squash into my 4-day week. They involve some metal hardware an early morning visit to the haberdashers will be required before I can get started.

I hope you've had a lovely bank holiday weekend. x


  1. Florence, you are genius! What a lovely guitar notepad cover, and a socre book, too. Thank you for sharing. Happy sewing! Chloe Patricia

  2. LOvly as ever Florence. Glad you had such a good weekend and will think of you as I cram into a four day sewing week too. x

  3. these are great... i love the fabrics and subtle colours you chose for the groovy tunes pad. i bet he was thrilled.
    happy sewing!

  4. Yep he absolutely loves his (tactile) groovy tunes book. When the studying is really getting on his t*&s he gets his guitar out, has a strum and a scribble in his special tunes book.

    Love the score book; you really do have the art of appliqué well and truly licked!


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