Would you like this sandwich?

It seems tantamount to asking you to eat turkey sandwiches on January 6th to be showing you Christmassy images, but I can either offer you the sandwich now or in July, when it will have become truly stale and seasonally inappropriate. But curses, in future I shall try and do all my Christmas-related blogging in December in the rosy glow of boxing day to spare us both from this next year.

I decided to make Mr Teacakes his own Christmas stocking this year...it is black, manly and was filled to the brim with chilli-related food goodness.

After Dinosaur-boy brought home a beautiful little stocking that he had stitched at school, Zebra-girl was overcome with jealousy and insisted that we make more the very next day. In 'boy-in-the-know' mode Dinosaur-boy gave us instructions as to how we could go about making them and we passed a happy couple of hours on the floor of Zebra-girl's room jabbing our fingers, re-threading needles, and trying to stop the cats from attacking the thread.

When Mr Teacakes asked what we'd got up to that day I showed him the photos that I'd taken of the Teacakes sewing that morning. You love their little hands and feet, don't you, he observed when he looked through them. That could be very true...my camera lens seems to gravitate towards them...those and appley cheeks.

A couple of months ago I remember seeing a hand-stitched love note somewhere on the Internet (anyone know where...I'm sure it mentioned something to do with breakfast?) and felt inspired to make my own to give to Mr Teacakes as a Christmas gift. There's something so satisfying about recreating lined paper...

...while at the same time being so very odd. I wondered if he would look at it and wonder how it differed from me writing it on an actual piece of paper and framing it...but being my lovely Mr Teacakes he completely got it and afterwards told me that it was one of the nicest gifts I'd ever given to him. I have so many lovely gifts that I was on the receiving end of to blog about, but as they are book and fabric related, there will be no need to mention Christmas when I show you them so they can take up a whole post of their own without feeling like unwanted second-helpings. Hurrah!

So the New Year - the cakes, mentioned in my last post, passed the test and nobody was able to guess at what the secret ingredient might have been. After a wonderful evening of magic tricks, stair surfing and other dangerous games we walked home with our babes at 2 in the morning just as fresh snow began to fall (dinosaur-boy was perky having slept on an airbed near the food table for almost the entire evening (no doubt with dreams of all sorts of lovely nibblets), while Zebra-girl finally looked sleepy-eyed having stayed up to see in the new year with her lovely friend).

(this photo was taken at my Mama's house - one of my favourite cosy images to remember from this year's Christmas spent there...moments later the glasses were filled and the merrymaking began).

And here is our lovely Snow Cat (it's become a seasonal name), Bella, who after a day or so of marauding anxiously by the back door wondering where we had put the garden eventually ventured out and realised that not only does the lovely whiteness give her new-found chameleon-like tendencies, but also that there is much fun to be had in it and she can be seen ploughing up and down the garden joyfully startled by every icy thigh-deep step she takes.


  1. oh i love the stitched note really effective :0)

  2. I agree, the stitched note is lovely, such a clever idea. Like the manly stocking too! Happy New Year.

  3. Hello Florence and a very happy new year to you. Beautiful images as ever with those gorgeous hands and feet taking pride of place (yes, same here and definitely appley cheeks too). I love the idea of a stitched letter. So simple and yet perfect. Great stocking as well. Looking forward to seeing all that gifty goodness xx

  4. i know (and have also admired) the love note of which you speak, it's here,


  5. Ah, thank you.

    That's gorgeous Lucykate, but it's not that one - it was featured on a blog roundup, but it mentioned something to do with making breakfast or a cup of tea or something and was a couple of lines long. The search continues. x

  6. hello :0

    Happy New Year to you firstly, and secondly, what a wonderful idea the love note is! Ive never seen anything like that before and I think its beautiful, very simple, very unique.

    Love Julia xxx

  7. I thought it was Lucy-kate but obviously not. I often have these creative design moments - usually in the middle of the night. Why not design your own if you're that way inclined as you will get it exactly right then!

  8. I just looked at the one that Lucy-kate suggested and it wasn't the one I was thinking of. Might it be this one:

  9. I love the hand-sewn note!

  10. Happy New Year to the teacake household! I tried to drop you an email, but it's bouncing back, something about being 'greylisted' and 'does not like recipient'!

    Looks like you've been having a lovely time of it over Christmas. The stitched note is lovely - I like the lined paper effect, and margin!

  11. Enjoyed the post, I too liked the note.I have just read your very interesting article in Sew Hip,my husband can feel his wallet groaning already!


  12. Love the little stocking Zebra girl is stitching - she's doing it very neatly too. I also think you got it just right with the manly stocking - elegant but masculine. It's really lovely that Mr Teacakes appreciates your rather good stitchery. I too am looking forward to seeing the sewy things you got for Christmas. I Hope you find the stitched love note you were thinking of.

  13. Lovely stitched note, what a beautiful idea xx

  14. The stitched note is gorgeous! Do you mind if I post about it, and use your image, on my blog? With credit, of course!

  15. Perhaps it was at Twig and Thistle? http://www.twigandthistle.com/blog/2009/05/sew-in-love/

    Either way, yours is brilliant! The "paper" looks just perfect.


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