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I seem to have kept mentioning Zebra-girl's quilt, but never actually revealing anything...that's perhaps because I'm a little confused. Originally I'd wanted to make the entire quilt from the top fabric in this photo and a plain blue voile...but I could only get my paws on one panel's worth of the the loveliness, so other fabrics have been drafted in to pad it out. First I added some Pastry Line to the mix in 'saffron' and 'water', as these are the colours that Zebra-girl wants to be the focus of the quilt...but then I've kept on playing with adding other prints too because I'm feeling overwhelmed by creating a quilt that is so centred around a fabric that is many lines to match up, so many imperfections to be revealed.

In this mix (above) there's some Little Honey in Gold and some plain blue voile too.

Then we added in a blue and pink print (above left) to unite the pink that appears in other places....but then we took that back out again...because we really don't want this to be a pink quilt - we are trying to de-pink Zebra's room. So we removed that and replaced it with a dark blue floral print (above right)....which is maybe too sombre.

These two were also in the running, but alas when the top print arrived from America I realised that the colourway is called 'citrus' because it is indeed a citrus colour and not yellow or gold. It's lovely, but isn't what I wanted (this will be appearing on Etsy next week at some point - you're welcome to email me if you'd like to reserve it - it's one panel's worth).

Then we found something that united all three colours (yes, the pink too)...and then I lost the will to carry on confusing myself and went into the garden for a restorative glass of wine.

Can anyone help me? I'm worried that you may not stay around to ponder the intricacies of all this when I tell you that Jo and Fran of Saints & Pinners emailed me yesterday afternoon to say that they had received a surprising delivery from America. They are now in possession of some dobby pastry line...perhaps the only dobby pastry line in the whole of England...soon to be reprinted without those gorgeous dobby dots on it (I don't think this is a fiction* from my own head as I read this on Anna Maria's blog and she had even written that the dobby was scarce in her own cutting room). One wonders how Jo and Fran have conjured up this haul! Such intrepid fabric seekers should be celebrated (or perhaps they should just be relieved that they are safe inside my computer...if they'd have been in the vicinity then I would have undoubtedly popped their eardrums with squeals of delight and knocked them over with enthusiastic cuddling).

Now go, go and leave me to my painfully irritating quibbling over different, but almost the same, patterns and colours and buy up like you've never bought before...because it really is that good. Yes, they even have the Olive colourway in, which so many of you liked on my skirt in the photo above (lined skirt tutorial hopefully coming up next week). 

Florence x 

Ps. In an uncharacteristic fit of restraint I have bought just one lone metre in the marine colourway. Over-excitement can do strange things to a girl.
* No, it is not a fiction - scroll all the way to the very last paragraph of this post to read about it.


  1. Oh dear I knew it was a bad idea logging on this morning! I too have just indulged to the tune of fifty whole pounds on dobby dots and some other AMH voile. Mmmm. Justine xx

  2. Dear Florence,
    my favourite fabric mix would be the one on your picture called "fabrics2.jpg". It is harmonious and a pleasure to look at.
    And thank you so much for sharing your information on the dobby pastry line - i just placed an order at Saints & Pinners! :)

  3. I resisted ordering!

    I love fabrics3.jpg as it's contrasty. So is fabrics7.jpg, but that second one is very blue based

  4. Hi Florence. No idea I'm afraid. My decision making head seems to have left me just as I am trying to decide what colour to paint the children's toy box! x

  5. I agree with bprinz, the "fabrics2.jpg" bundle blends very well. The amount of pink in the blue diamond mine fabric pattern is so small, but does tie in nicely with the floral panels. The other combinations seem a little busy, though the fabrics are lovely :)

  6. Mary said

    O gosh i have purchased some dobby dot from saints and pinners. I blame you for the gorgeous skirt you made!!
    Anyway back to your quilt i have to agree that 'fabrics2.jpg' is the one i would choose - easy on the eye and relaxing.
    Can't wait for my fabric to arrive.

  7. I feel your pain...sometimes I agonize so much over fabric decisions I don't move forward...

  8. Mm. I think I agree with the fabricjpg2 contingent - I love the diamond mine fabric. Resisted the pastry line fabric (only 'cos they'd run out of blue) but bought a bit more voile. Thank you for the parcel from your etsy shop, by the way.

  9. Justine and bprinz - hurrah - they're so lovely, definitely worth the wallet-hurting investment.

    Thank you so much for the quilt advice - it would seem that fabrics2.jpg is the claar winner.

    Florence x


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