Reader, I have misled you...

The Anna Maria Horner voile that I had convinced myself in the last post was not sheer in the darker prints? I was wrong. I happened to stand in front of the patio doors with the sunshine streaming through yesterday morning while I was talking to Mr Teacakes...he advised me that it was not safe to venture further than the back garden.

This could have been a crisis...but actually it's not at all, because I've also found out this weekend that I love the effect of lining an Anna Maria Horner voile print with one of her solid voiles from the Little Folks range - the movement and and softness remains (I'll show you the skirt I've made that demonstrates this once I've had a chance to photograph it) and this week I will line the bottom half of the dress with some solid voile, so that I can wear it outside the house without being arrested for public indecency.

Thank you so much for all the lovely, lovely comments you left on my last post...I'm sorry if I've misled you...I hope that no one has cut into their voile and created a see-through skirt this weekend on my poor advice.

Florence x


  1. Oh how funny! I was thinking about you when I was collapsed in a chair in Hollister,yesterday, while Little J shopped for a T Shirt. There was a lady queuing to pay, wearing a floor length voile dress, with the light behind her...and you've guessed it! She was totally see through...even though it was a darkish fabric. I did think 'Oh gosh I hope Florence doesn't get caught out like that! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Hi
    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the tutorial on how make the sundress. I have been happily sewing mine this weekend and hope to take a photo of it to put on the link. Log on daily to read about what you have been up to as i only came to know about you when i visited my fabric shop on Saturday. Keep the good work up, it is so refreshing. x

  3. Hysterical. I really do think that lining with the solids is the best way to go. I look forward to seeing your new skirt!

  4. Oh well, thanks for the warning Florence. Have had such a good time dressmakig this weekend - today is all about the business though (even though I am desperate to start the next project!). Have fun today x

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Oh no, Amanda, the poor pleased I won't be joining her.

    Anonymous - thank you so much - that's so kind of you to say.

    Pipany...will be visiting to see what you came up with. x

  6. So your very own Lady Di moment in the sun :)

    The dress looks absolutely beautiful, such a stunning colour, now if only I can persuade Livvy to let me make one for her!


  7. I have made my first dress with the shirring. I love it and it only cost me £14.00 instead of some astronomical shop price. I'm already onto my next one and 2 of my 3 daughters have already put their orders in. Thank you for the tutorial.


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